The Masked Racist, Piers Morgan, said – I have the Support of all British people. Maybe he has the support of all British Racists? Read

First of all when someone speaks about his or her mental health, they don’t need anyone to believe them.

For, why would Meghan Markle need Piers Morgan or anyone to believe her of her pain? That is the Pain of Meghan Markle not of Piers Morgan or of anyone else. Right?

Further, mental Health Problems are a very sensitive topic. And if one dares to speak of these sensitive topics, where her or his life is on the line. Then, that can only be subjective pain. Expressed to raise awareness of the pain that, they have been through.

For why would Meghan Markle bring pain to herself by repeating the past to herself? Or by speaking of such very sensitive matters, so openly?

To repeat the past is pain, when you have been through certain bad moments in life.

And anyone with a sense of psychological thinking or who has been through as such pain himself can know that.

Piers Morgan, on the other hand, said, for example, that
“I wasn’t allowed to have an opinion, that I didn’t believe what she was saying.”

He can have any opinion that he likes. For He is still on TV and being bought and sold around by Racist TVs, like Fox News, like a pop star of Hatred.

But to defile one’s pain like Piers Morgan did to Meghan Markle. To demonstrate a sick ego on big national TVs towards one’s suicidal thoughts. Like Piers Morgan did towards Meghan Markle. This is more than mean and inhumane. That is simply cruelty shown from the big screens though big sick mouths..

Further, this hatred towards Meghan Markle by Piers Morgan shows that there is deep inner racism in Piers Morgan. That he continues to express as outer disbelief for anything she says.

Thing, which a psychoanalysist, like myself, can see easily.

For to tell to someone that you don’t believe his or her suicidal thoughts. That’s not only the desecration of Meghan Markle’s pain.  That is the desecration of all the pain of people who have been through these ideas and pain in life.

Especially in our time of mass isolation. Where people need to care about as such ideas.

Now Piers Morgan also said to Tucker Carlson on Fox News, that he has the support of the British people.

Morgan said: “Old, young, black, white, it didn’t matter. They’ve been coming up to me in their droves all day every day.”

Morgan said people either agree with his comments on Meghan or defended his right to free speech.

That’s just not possible for Morghan to have the backing of all British public. For the British are not all racists.

Secondly, that is just not possible that the black people to be against themselves in the question of racism. And support Piers Morgan. That’s absurd.

So the desecration of such a deep human pain in very difficult times in our world. Where many people are struggling with mental health issues. This form of desecration of human pain shows Piers Morgan as a Masked Racist.

A person who boils from hatred towards a black woman that is such a beautiful soul to hear and see. Honest and fearless.

Therefore, the Masked Racist, Piers Morgan, maybe, he has the support of all British Racists. But not of right-minded and sensible British people.