The Murder of Mariam Moustafa is an Example that shows that FOREIGNERS are WORTHY Only as OPPRESSED SLAVES in the U.K


“Mariam Moustafa, 18, was left in a coma after she was attacked by six teenagers last year in Nottingham. And she died nearly a month later.” Twitter news and the Press association said.


The Press Association also said that the father of the murdered Mariam Moustafa have said that authorities in the U.K have showed “no respect.” By not informing him of a court hearing in which three girls admitted attacking his daughter, Mariam in Nottingham.


Well, now let me begin logically analyzing this case. And so uncover the deep hypocrisy of the English Justice system.


First, if you are beaten to a point of death and you die as a result of the beating, then isn’t this a clear MURDER? And shouldn’t people who caused the death of Mariam Moustafa be charged with Murder?


I am not saying this because I believe in punishment. For I believe neither in crime as a solution nor in punishment. Rather I believe in real human education and humanity.



However, here is neither a case of education nor a case of humanity and forgiveness. Here rather is a case of UNFAIRNESS. That shows how unworthy that you are as a FOREIGNER when you live in the U.K.

Why do I think so?

Multiple media sources reported that CPS_UK or the Crown Prosecution Service has charged the perpetrators of this heinous crime with “AFRAY.” And all of them are on bail. Not even in prison! And this is but ridiculous.



And as I said, this is not a case of FORGIVENESS. Because if an English person was killed in the same way by a foreigner, the U.K would be on fire. Here then rather is a case of unfairness of the U.K justice system. Which shows that a FOREIGNER in the U.K is welcomed only as an OPPRESSED SLAVE.


And so when a FOREIGNER is murdered the perpetrators are charged with “affray.” And if the murder is by, suppose, the U.K police, this case might even be swept under the carpet as well. And the charges dropped all together for the lack of evidence.



So a foreigner is drowned out by the media in the U.K. Murdered for nothing, like the case of Mariam Moustafa shows. And welcomed in the U.K only as an oppressed slave.


This is the U.K justice system. Here laws are laws only when these laws suit to the ideas of the powerful. And secondly, even some illogical laws that we have to judge, they judge wrong. So?


So, the English justice system is the system of foxes. “Laws are laws, but they can and cannot be laws in certain circumstances.” Absurdity itself is in the English media, political and judicial thinking.