The Racist Journalist of the BBC, Danny Baker, showed the true Racist face of the British Journalists and their inner feelings. My Albanian Origin and a decade-long Oppression of my Voice because of my Origin Tells the Story

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How can you understand the inner Imperialist and RACIST thinking of the journalists of the UK MEDIA? They don’t allow you to sit on the same table to speak and take your right to be heard. Yet they do not say it openly. They simply never invite you to take this human right of being heard. They don’t allow you to enter at BBC’s studios, ITV etc., and participate with ideas. Yet they do not say it openly. They simply and continually refuse to you this HUMAN RIGHT.


Still you may think that the OPPRESSION of your VOICE  is not just because you are Albanian or because of your Albanian origin! Or part of any other minority group of people!


Danny Baker, however, blurted out the inner feelings of these British journalists that I spoke above. Especially of those smarmy know-it-all-like journalists of the BBC and Sky News, ITV, Channel 5, LBC Radio etc., who strut around like peacocks!

And let me tell you here that this fact of my existence. They are the same journalists who have oppressed my voice in London for years just because I was of Albanian origin. And the oppression of my voice is a fact that shows that they feel superior over Albanians.


You can’t deny that. But I withdraw this logic from my rights that have been abused and refused. That means they do not express their feelings openly because they are scared they lose their job, not because they do not want to say openly who they are. Still it is their actions that show their faces, their inner feelings and mean intrigues.


How and Why? you may ask.


I, Dr ACactivism, an Albanian thinker, have opposed the ideas of the U.K MEDIA for years. Yet I was never ever invited to express MY ideas at BBC or any other Media Headquarter myself. Wow! But why?


All these creative ideas that are created to put a brick on the wall of goodness by changing the world for the better demand to be heard. Am I not speaking right? Why then, the BBC, Sky News and other U.K MEDIA moguls, on the other hand, never ever invited me to express my ideas?


Even when I took the mic from Surie, the journalists of the BBC refused to invite me to speak at BBC. And imagine, I had called the BBC News myself and asked to take the opportunity to express my ideas. No I wasn’t allowed. Because they are racists. And New Fascist journalists.



For the proud and haughty U.K BIG MEDIA editors, journalists and media directors and bosses can’t stand still and listen to an Albanian thinker. How can they? They are racists. For the feeling of SUPERIORITY is what makes you a Racist. What do you think racism is?



So Danny Baker couldn’t refrain his thoughts when he saw the royal baby! But He knew that Meghan is half black., didn’t he? Or was he ignorant on this topic? I will leave to the reader the answer of this.



So at the moment when he heard the royal baby news, he just blurted out his inner feelings. And in the same time, he showed to us that he hated now the mixture of the race.


The royal baby now for him was not anymore of a human, or pure Aryan race, but a chimp! And you know why? Because Meghan is half Black. And Prince Harry is white!



The pure English race had been mixed now. And this broke the heart of the racist Danny Baker. And that’s the logical truth taken from the factual truth.


Picture below.

Essentially then, the above picture just shows the inner feelings of the racist, new fascist and hypocrite British Middle Class.


In the same way, they see Minorities. I have opposed the ideas of the U.K MEDIA for over a decade in London. As I said at the beginning.  And the reason why I was never invited to even express an idea was because I am Albanian. The English who Control UK MEDIA feel superior over an Albanian THINKER or Eastern European.



They feel and think they are all like Shakespeare and Newton! So they oppress the voices of Minorities and make Superiority and Racism a Law of their thinking.

THE RACISTS of the ENGLISH MIDDLE CLASSES who oppress both, us, the today minorities, and the British working classes.


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