The thieves of Barcelona speak of the Thieves of Spanish Politics, Media Journalists and Politicans

When I went to a police station in Barcelona on 8th Sep 2020 to report some unknown thieves, who robbed me. There I said “Barcelona muy peligrosa.”

“No,” replied to me a Police Officer that was noting my report, “Here is not dangerous. You just need to be too careful! And keep your eyes open all the time!”

I looked at her. And I stopped speaking. For I knew from experience that if I continue to speak, their Fascist minds would arrest me for speaking.

Now to explain myself in this blog let me say. That if you live in a place where you are afraid of putting something down. Because someone stands ready to steal from you. Then you must think that in this place is something very wrong going on.

Right, isn’t it so?

The faces of Evil in Europe – José Ribagorda and Ángeles Blanco working for the news MONOPOLIES of Telecinco, that are owned by the media MONOPOLIES of Mediaset.

So here is not the low thieves to be BLAMED. Of course that not. Rather here it is the Highest THIEVES of MEDIA MONOPOLIES in Spain. And the thieves of politics in Spain that are to be blamed.

For it is impossible that people are pushed to as such degree of degradation without there being a great deal of injustice and Oppression coming from the powerful of this country. Or any country in the world with as such conditions.

A homeless man sleeping roughly near Barcelona Zoo

So, the thieves of Barcelona speak of the thieves of Spanish Politics, Media  Journalists and Politicians. People who keep fighting for the interests of their classes. And do not want to know about the pain of the real world

An Imperialist Fascist who thinks only to defend the interest of his class of thugs.

And all they do is criticise the Oppressed. Without ever trying to understand their pain – the pain of being oppressed to a point of death.

A homeless man carrying along the street all what he had in Barcelona

So all what you see in Barcelona is on the one side, homelessness, theivery. And graffiti asking for a revolution and criticizing the Spanish MEDIA and the state power.

And on the other side, plenty of armed police officers in the streets of Barcelona.

So, the thieves of Barcelona are a byproduct of Spanish Oppressive Politics.  And speak of the thieves of Spanish Politics, Media  Journalists and Politicians.

A homeless man smoking in near Barcelona’s beaches.