They are used to blame the small Fish, – Without Facts, without any human Dignity for Truth, Harry Maguire blames Albanians, and the UK Media beats the drum for Maguire

Even though, Harry Maguire was found guilty by a Greek court. And he received 21 months and 10 days in prison, suspended for three years. Still, it was Albanians the ones who caught the voluptuous eyes of the British journalists in the UK.

So, the Sun and Sky News asserted that Harry Maguire’s sister was injected with a “rape drug” by two Albanians.

And thus, the focus of their writings was on these allegations without facts. Rather than on the arrogant, and “uneducated barbarian,” Harry Maguire.

So, Harry Maguire, an arrogant person, that grew up in England under the education of the Sun and Sky News. He thought that he will evade justice by using a Shakespearean intrigue to blame Albanians.

And of course, he knew that Albanians are usually blamed unjustly by the UK media and are unjustly judged by the European courts.

Therefore, he thought to kill two birds with a stone with his intrigue. That is, to avoid the vicious English media scrutiny, that could end his career. And perhaps he thought also to avoid the judgment of the Greek courts by blaming Albanians.

Now, obviously, they are used to blame the small fish. So, without facts, without any human dignity whatsoever for truth, Harry Maguire blames Albanians, and the UK Media beats the drum for Maguire.

Hurray for the good and the just UK media journalists and racism and scapegoats, then!