They, The Artists of the U.K Media, are feeling OKAY! Don’t Worry! Smoke crack and oppress our rights!




You know that feeling, don’t you?

The feeling, like, for instance, to work for a giant media organisation. You know? To get paid well for expressing a few ideas. To have a big reputation. To sit on the chairs of money and power. To smoke and drink like a boss! And to care for nothing! Isn’t this feeling noble and great?


Of course that it is! And the artists of the U.K Media, that protect and represent the money interest of the U.K Media bosses and their own money interest, know very well this feeling. Don’t they? 


So the artists of the U.K Media are feeling okay! Why should they bother of media monopolies? And media corruption?  Why should they? Media gives them to smoke and to party, and to have fun. So?

So why should they bother to give the right of participation and the right of being heard to those people who demand it? Like independent thinkers and artists who are not able to be heard? That is not possible. Especially when you smoke crack and afterwards you are reading the news or presenting a breakfast or afternoon show. You know, the feeling of bothering of your inner corruption is not only bad. It is also something that must be kept at arm’s length. Something that you must get rid of.  Self-psychoanalysis are bad for the soul. As self-confidence in corruption and monopolies is something that is great and good. And the U.K Media artists love it! Corruption and MONOPOLIES. 


But don’t worry anyways. The artists of the U.K Media are feeling okay. They don’t bother. They don’t care. They are artists and united in the giant media organisations. Protected by laws. And police and security power. So controlling our social power easily, you know, like feudal lords or those famous 18th and 19th century English capitalists who suck the blood of the masses. Or don’t go so far. Just simply say like the Nazi and fascist artists who controlled social power and oppressed the rest.



So some artists here have acquired the skills of presenting, some others the skills of singing, some others own the skills of holding the camera. Some others have the skills of writing, some of speaking. And some others, who are in charge of deciding who must enter and who must not enter the studios of the U.K Media MONOPLIES, have acquired and absorbed in their souls the skills of oppression. Hurray!



And all the rest of the artists support those who stand at this position of power. You can’t enter the media studios and express ideas. For ideas and the right to speak and create belongs to those artists who work for these certain giant media organisations. Like the BBC, ITV, Sky News etc. Of course! You know they are artists and they have a right to oppress and control. Because they are artists….


So these artists are feeling okay. They smoke crack and oppress our rights.


So they are doing okay…. They are artists. The U.K MEDIA New Nazi and new Fascist artists… artists who have grovelled like worms to achieve to work for a rich media organisation. And now oppress like wolves. Because in grovelling like reptiles, they learnt the PAIN of OPPRESSION.



So now these artists give “OPPRESSION” as a gift to those artists, like myself, who disagree with their ideas of media MONOPOLIES and MEDIA Corruption. How do they do that? Simply by not allowing those who disagree with them in the studios of the BIG MEDIA. Fair enough!


But what are the studios of the big media for? The studios of the BIG MEDIA are entrusted by the people to control information. And are in charge of over 90% of today human information.


So oppression makes sense. It makes sense, mate! They, The Artists of the U.K Media, are feeling OKAY! Don’t Worry! They smoke crack and oppress our rights.