Think Different – The Journalists of the billionaire U.K Media are Bullying Dominic Cummings, like they bullied Caroline Flack, for a reason… Read and Share!

Once you stop doubting the thinking and doing and the innermost intentions of the rich of your time, and of the corrupt. Of the hypocrites of this society, of the mind-controllers of this society, and of the intelligent manipulators of this society. 

It is then and there, that the rich, the corrupt, the mind-controllers and the intelligent manipulators have achieved to brainwash you and control you as a people like a puppet. 

So, I suggest to never stop doubting the thinking and doing of the rich and those who are paid by the very rich – their lackeys. 

For one VALUE that the lackeys of the rich, media people in this case, left, centre and right, demand to have and that they never had, in their writings and speeches, has been and still is, – “HONESTY.

Be patient, please. For I will be short and simple. And make you think different if you as a reader believe in human values. For if you don’t believe in human values, then please stop here and go in your way. 

Maybe here is a case of much ado about nothing?

So, scores of media journalists had door stepped Dominic Cummings, crossing his personal space and bullying him with their high screeches and screams and vicious vitriol like they did to Caroline Flack. And even more than that. (Watch the media videos and photos to see it for yourself here.)

Dominic Cummings door stepped and abused by Media Monopolies.

So, first of all, here the journalists themselves had to be held accountable for flouting the lockdown rules. 

For they were obviously not keeping the social distancing while photographing and making questions to Dominic Cummings.

 Or are the today journalists different from the rest because they work for a billionaire U.K Media?

Secondly, the fact that Dominic Cummings is part of the government that makes the rules didn’t make him excepted from these rules. For he was responsible to a law for his actions not to media monopolies. And Dominic was reprimanded and questioned by police. And this had to be left there. 

And if the police had acted in an immoral and corrupt way, then this matter had to be taken with the police organisation. Not with Dominic Cummings. 

Further, when the British guns and British war tactics, used behind the war scenes of course, were killing innocent women and children and men in Yemen and Syria and Palestine. Then here I ask: “Was any media organisation or journalist door stepping David Cameron, Theresa May and later in the history of our time, Boris Johnson?

None of them ever did that. Media journalists enjoyed partying in May Fair with their luxurious salaries. As media owners counted millions upon their billions like misers and thieves. Making big money by controlling our minds and our important value. That is INFORMATION. 

So logically what the U.K media journalists are doing is a case of much ado about nothing. And they are doing it but for media attention and media reputation. 

So, to gain the trust of the simpletons with this unimportant case. And use this “gained trust” against them in the things that really matter.

And the best way to use and abuse a people’s trust is but to stay silent in the things that really matter for the time and history. 

Therefore, we see the PROBLEM here then. We have a dishonest. Hypocritical, mind-controlling and manipulative media that tries to make a mountain out of a molehill about the things that very little matter. And they do this for the sake of media attention and media reputation and media money power.

So then dare and think different. Because I SHOWED you that this billionaire U.K media the one value that they do not have and never had is called, HONESTY. 

 Maybe then, the Journalists of the billionaire U.K Media are Bullying Dominic Cummings, like they bullied Caroline Flack, for Media Attention and Media Reputation and Money Power?

For if your really are as such media of the smallest detail, a media that goes to hysteria for matters that belong to police and may be very little in importance. Then, why don’t you door step first these evil politicians, these top judges of these country, and these military strong men, who have waged wars, murdered innocent people and made our world EVIL? Eh??????