Three People have been Stabbed in Manchester, U.K. But strange why isn’t BBC, ITV, Sky News and the U.K Media in general calling it “Islamic Terrorism?”

Three people have been stabbed in Manchester, U.K. But saddingly the BBC, ITV, Sky News and the U.K Media in general is not seizing this great opportunity! And catch the attention of the people by blaming it to Islamic Terrorism or linking it to as such idea somehow.

This is wrong. And against the spirit of the democratic media. Why shouldn’t you as media seize this great opportunity to make your political point that intends to blame and scapegoat the weakest part of this society?

Why not? This is the question. And I wonder why?

Why not! Tony Hall, the director-general of the BBC should be now alerted of the good news of stabbing. And without further ado, he should brief, organise a direct his dogs or new nazi Journalists at the BBC to link this opportunity of stabbing with Islamic Terrorism and Islam in general.

Let me tell you, dear friends, that it is very easy to do so. Just make questions.

Ask so: “Is the person who made the stabbing an Islamist or does he believe in Islam?

If not, does he have any friend or family member who may have any link to Islam?

If not from where is he from? Is he from any place on earth that has an Islamic majority?

In this way, dear friends, make the questions and the link of Islam to Terrorism at the end. And so control people’s minds. As ever by blaming and scapegoating the weakest part and the most oppressed part of the society.