Tolerance and Humanity equal zero for some English Fans that turned Violent because their feelings were hurt – Imagine if they were oppressed and had their rights abused for 10 years by the U.K Media Monopolies like Dr ACactivism has?

The atmosphere of the delayed Euro 2020 was amazing in London up to a certain point.

For people were cheering, drinking, singing, dancing and having a great time up to the moments before the final match of the delayed Euro 2020 between Italy and England. When hordes of people, who seemed to have lost their bearings, stormed the gates of Wembley stadium.

And these hordes of people demanded to get inside the stadium by force and without paying. Which showed the unpredictability of the human thought. How can civilised Brits demand entry by force in groups?!

Now at this point, there are videos circulating online that show an Asian man being kicked continually in the head and body badly. Other people also show to be punched and hit by angry groups of English fans.

So, this great atmosphere was badly marred by fits of violence and brutality.

(video fact )

Violence, however, continued after the final whistle settled the matter of winning. And Italy won through penalties.

For, it was then that the feelings of some groups of English Fans seemed to have got hurt beyond measure!

Their silence grew into an inner force of anger and they turned violent, abusive and racist. Showing that the ideas of tolerance and Humanity were equal zero in these groups of English fans.

So these groups of fans targeted anyone waving an Italian flag and also they targeted black players, who lost the penalties, through social media accounts.

The Independent reported that “Cheshire Constabulary chief constable Mark Roberts, who is the national lead for football policing, told The Independent: “We have seen random attacks on Italians … Italians celebrating the win have been attacked.”

(link: ‘Random attacks on Italians’ at end of worst Euros tournament for crime, police say

Myself, as I cycled home after the match, I sung a few times, “It’s going Rome.” 

Now here, the “f… off” phrase as a response was as common as the fresh air that I was breathing in. 

However, angry chases did not miss either. 

For I was chased down the riverside of Hammersmith by some angry fans who told me that “They wanna kill me.”

I wonder, just imagine, imagine what the tolerance and humanity of as such English Fans would be if they had ten years  of being oppressed and their rights were abused by the British press, like I, Dr ACactivism, have?

Imagine how badly their feelings would be hurt and what their actions would be!