Treacherous Traitor, 50 Cent Betrays his Black people for Money to support Trump. Why we should dismiss and ditch this low Traitor

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50 Cent, that seems to have a 5 Cent-like mind, wrote on Twitter a very despairing tweet. That contained a thinking of treacherous traitors. People of no feeling or value of being human.

50 Cent scared of his own self.

“I don’t care if Trump doesn’t like black people” he said. And his frustration was on the fact that Biden would tax the rich more than Trump! Ridiculous!

In Albanian old laws or Kanun of Dukagjin, this would have been called outright betrayal of a different level. And punished according to the laws that were in force against traitors and hypocrites.

In the USA laws or constitution, this is called Capitalist Metamorphosis. That means for money, people like 50 Cent betray their race, and their people and kill their Mother.

And as such people, like 50 Cent, they have as such evil values in them. That are called: meanness, avarice, greed and hatred, and treacherous reason.

And this is the reason why we should ditch this low Traitor called, 50 Cent. And support Joe Biden.