AWARENESS For Trump’s Psychopathy. Why Donald Trump is nearly Equal in Crimes and Thinking to Adolf Hitler?

Donald trump and Adolf Hitler have some parallelisms in thinking.


Adolf Hitler came to power by appealing to the nationalist feelings of Germany. Donald Trump did the same.

Adolf Hitler Promised to the Germans of the 1930s to fight against big corruption in Germany! Donald Trump did the same. He said let’s drain the swamp to the American people, even though he was himself the swamp.

Adolf Hitler was against immigration. Donald Trump before the 2016 presidential elections made his political campaign all against this idea. So Trump was and still is against immigration. He also built up a wall to show how much that he hates immigrants.

Further, look at the emergency powers that Donald Trump demands with “the border security excuses”. Or the powers that he sought to ban Muslim countries from being able to travel to the USA and so on.

You know why I am stating these facts? Because almost a similar tactic was created by Hitler.

In 1933, for example, Hitler achieved to take temporary emergency powers for four years by convincing the members of Reichstag to support him.

And Hitler demanded emergency powers because He wanted the centralisation of state power. Where everything is on the hand of the Führer or the leader.

While Donald Trump by turning USA government into a private business. And by firing anyone who disagreed with him. And by appointing his loyal people in crucial roles where democracy and impartiality depends, he moved towards a centralised government. Where the president is the king, the god and the leader.

For example, the case of William Barr, that was appointed by Donald Trump as the 85th United States Attorney General. And the firing of James Comey. Both of these cases here show that Donald Trump government is corrupt, autocratic and playing with the fate of democracy and justice.

Anyways, I am editing this blog a lot and cutting a lot of similarities between Trump and Hitler! And I am doing this with honesty because I do not want to bore the reader.

Nevertheless, in short, when Trump promised to the Americans that he would drain the swamp, when he was the rich swamp himself. And when Trump promised to the brainwashed Americans, who seemed to not have known the fact that America had never been great, to Make America Great again,. At this point, Trump appeared to be a Messiah to the oppressed of America!

And so he prepared his way for his crimes to begin.

So here I ask, Why is Donald Trump nearly Equal in both Crimes and Thinking to Adolf Hitler?

If we take in consideration all the war conflicts that have been instigated since Trump took over. Like the US air strikes that have dropped bombs like chocolates killing thousands of innocent people around the world, and the political support towards murderous nations such as Saudi Arabia, that has been given unconditionally by the Trump government. Then if we consider all what I said, we would come to the conclusions that Donald Trump is nearly equal to Adolf Hitler both in crimes and thinking.

Anyways, let us get some real facts to show you in here the reality.

In March 2018, The Washington post wrote: “2017 was the deadliest year for civilian casualties in Iraq and Syria, with as many as 6,000 people killed in strikes conducted by the U.S.-led coalition, according to the watchdog group Airwars.

(Middle East civilian deaths have soared under Trump. And the media mostly shrug By Margaret Sullivan 18 March 2018.)

Donald trump on purpose moved the American embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem to instigate a war between Palestine and Israel.

On 12lve November 2018 Al Jazeera wrote: “Since protests began on March 30, Israeli forces have killed at least 214 Palestinians and wounded more than 18,000.”

Further, the civil war in Yemen, where thousands of people have been killed and millions are at risk of starvation and death, is another example that shows the USA politics interfering into the affairs of an independent country. And so killing innocent people as always and not taking any human responsibility at all as always.

According to the UN NEWS, “During the past four years of intense conflict between Government forces and Houthi rebels have left tens of thousands dead or injured including at least 17,700 civilians as verified by the UN. (UN News, Humanitarian crisis in Yemen remains the worst in the world, warns UN, 14 February 2019.)

So now to prove the nearly Adolf Hitler Trump, let me tell you that the USA not only has supported with arms embargo and logistics and ground information the Saudi-led coalition, but they have also directly taken part in the war.

According the CNN, The US military carried out 131 airstrikes in Yemen in 2017 and conducted 36 strikes in 2018.

Further, Save the Children Movement says: An estimated 85,000 children under five may have died from extreme hunger or disease since the war in Yemen escalated, according to new analysis by Save the Children. (Nov. 20, 2018)


AMNESTY International accuses the USA for committing war crimes since Trump Take over. They wrote: “Amnesty International uncovered compelling evidence that US air strikes killed a total of 14 civilians and injured eight more, in five attacks that may have violated international humanitarian law and could, in some cases, constitute war crimes. Reports of more civilian casualties from other strikes could not be sufficiently corroborated for inclusion in the report. ((USA/Somalia: Shroud of secrecy around civilian deaths masks possible war crimes, March 20, 2019.)

Amnesty International also said that air strikes have tripled under Trump government. Suggesting that there are more innocent deaths that can’t be proven due to the secrecy of the US air strikes.

“The number of US strikes in Somalia surged after 30 March 2017, when President Trump signed an Executive Order declaring southern Somalia an “area of active hostilities”.

US forces carried out 34 strikes in Somalia in the last nine months of 2017 – more than in the entire five years from 2012 to 2016. This increased again in 2018, to 47 strikes; and there have already been 24 in the first two months of 2019 alone.”

Rohingya refugee Crises and deaths can also be attributed to Trump politics. And its hysteria against Muslims. For the Rohingya people are a Muslim minority in Myanmar (Burma), a predominantly Buddhist country. And the Rohingyas have said that they have fled the country after military troops burnt their villages and attacked civilians. Doctors without Borders say that at least 7000 thousand people have been killed since the violence begun.

On top of what I said, if we attribute the Venezuela crises. And the deaths caused in Venezuela from the Trump politics to interfere in other nations’ independence, then we come to the conclusion that Donald Trump is nearly Equal in Crimes and Thinking to Adolf Hitler.