U.K Media, The Daily Mail and Sky News, Promote Terrorists to Catch Human Attention and sell their Ideas to People. And Twitter supports them! Dr ACactivism explains their Mean and Evil Thinking


When I went into Eurovision 2018 and took the microphone from Surie’s hand, that was the British contender in the Eurovision, what did I want?



I wanted my “Anti Media Corruption Ideas” to be heard. Nevertheless, I never achieved to have my ideas heard because the U.K Media is louder than myself, Dr ACactivism, all the time. So the U.K Media drowns my ideas out like a pack of wolves easy peasy. Good, eh, to have a media that thinks the same and drowns out opposing reason?


So I want to say with my example that all what terrorists want with their actions is to be heard. And in this case, the U.K Media with The Daily Mail U.K and Sky News have made the wishes and desires of these terrorists come true. They are making the actions of Terrorists eternal. And their evil actions are being heard because of the Corrupt U.K Media thinking.



While we all see that in controlling almost over 95% of all forms of Information, these journalists and Rich U.K Media silence the ideas of thinkers like myself. And the voices of millions of others who want to participate in the human history with ideas. And through peaceful means.



Today 25 April 2019, twitter was buzzing with some online blogs of Daily Mail and Sky News. And I couldn’t keep silent anymore. I left my book writing and philosophic thinking aside. And began to write against the corrupted journalists of Daily Mail and Sky News and others who think like them.



So here, one may ask, “Why does the U.K media with the Daily Mail and the Sky News think and act in such an evil way?


Do these journalists of the U.K Media promote “Terrorists” because they are innocent lambs and do not know what that means? And so they do evil while they think that they are doing good? (I am laughing here.) Or is the opposite fact true, the idea that these insolent journalists and media bosses do not care of anything worthy on earth?


Now let me analyze their thinking and get behind their big intentions.


To promote terrorists and their lives means to catch human attention at a large scale. And to catch human attention in a large scale means to somehow monopolise information. And sell millions of online and Big Media blogs and news.


So they promote terrorists because “terrorists and their lives” are stories that sell. And all what these insolent journalists and media bosses want is to sell and make money for themselves. You see in what hands Truth and Information is?



Further, we have seen that Twitter, that is our social media, is promoting the ideas of the Mainstream Media quite a lot. And Twitter News Section was eager to promote the blogs of Daily Mail and Sky News U.K even when they showed to promote terrorists.


This action of Twitter News, however, makes one wonder, “Has big media made any backdoor deal with Twitter and told them to take 90% of the Twitter News from the Mainstream Media? Because we see that our social media is under the influence of the Rich Mainstream Media.


One here also may ask: Why should we PROMOTE people who use bombs and mass killing as a way to deliver their message? Because as I said all what terrorists want is to be heard. And the U.K Media is making their wishes come true. And the U.K Media does this and lived unchallenged. Because they are heard all the time. We just write here in vain. 5 to 10 people may hear of our ideas. While millions hear of the U.K Media monopolies all the time.



Another question, why should we mention the names of the terrorists when they do not deserve to be mentioned?


So we see that there is no logic in promoting terrorists. However, there is the inner reason of wanting to catch human attention and sell millions of online blogs. And also monopolize human information by appealing to the ideas that catch human attention. Such as terrorists and terrorism.


So obviously, The Daily Mail and Sky News were promoting Terrorists. And willy-nilly making terrorists’ wishes come true. (Read what I said above on the Terrorists’ wants to understand properly what I just said.) For if they care of humanity and have any information in relation to terrorists, then why do they promote them in their big papers and TVs?

They can instead care of humanity in a different way. Like by calling an Anti-Terrorism Hotline number, 0800789321, and so care of all of us.


Also you can’t even justify their actions. Except Greed and a deep desire to want to catch human attention. And keep this attention tight on the corrupt studios of the rich U.K Media.


For there are plenty of things to write about. Like in writing of the lives and origins and good actions of the victims while they were alive and so on.


Therefore, I would appeal to the British people to not see me as their enemy. For we have a common enemy. And our common is an Alienated Rich U.K Media. That is made of corrupt journalists and greedy and barbaric media bosses.