U.N Report found U.K, United States and France guilty of War Crimes. Where is the U.K Corrupt Rich Media? Hiding Truth from the British People?

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In recent years, facts have shown that the U.K politics and politicians are taking part in immoral wars. And have killed innocent people.

For instance, the war in Yemen is a tragedy created by the Western greed that wants to control the world through an imperialist and insatiable will for more political power.

Well, but if facts have not been missing, if truth has shown the U.K to be complicit in war crimes, then what has been missing here? So I ask you British, American and French citizens. What has been missing here?





The same English and French media that when I took the microphone from the Surie in Eurovision 2018, where I demanded the U.K to take responsibility for the war crimes committed in Yemen, they did everything to drown my TRUTH and Reason out. And they succeeded. The WORMS and BARBARIANS of today U.K and French MEDIA.


Reuters wrote today, 3 Sep 2019, these facts: “GENEVA, Sept 3 (Reuters) – The United States, Britain and France may be complicit in war crimes in Yemen by arming and providing intelligence and logistics support to a Saudi-led coalition that starves civilians as a war tactic, the United Nations said on Tuesday.



The report accused the anti-Houthi coalition led by Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates of killing civilians in air strikes and deliberately denying them food in a country facing famine.”

Here is no need to link the facts with the guilt of murder and RESPONSIBILITY. Here is needed only a fair and true media.

For when truth and power clash, then there is a need in the human history for TRUTH to prevail over power and oppression.

Therefore, it is for this moment in the human history that the role of the media is needed more than ever.

That means MEDIA is needed here to make truth and justice win. And they can do so by appealing for justice, protests and appealing for the courts to bring politicians to justice.


So far all I see is silence. Where is the U.K corrupt, rich media?

Where is the BBC, the Guardian, the Sun, Sky News etc., or the darkness of Europe, to appeal for JUSTICE? Have they organised a protest yet? Are they protesting at No 10? Do they demand justice? Or is the MONOPOLIST RICH U.K MEDIA Working to hide truth from the British people and control information without having any pangs of consciousness?

Where is the £340,000 Ketherine Viner of the Guardian, is she having nice cocktails in Mayfair, London or in the private bars or clubs that she may go with her SUPER LUXURIOUS SALARY?

Are the slaves of Europe preparing nice drinks or tasty food for her? And if she continues to be silent and enjoy her luxurious salary, while fooling the people and controlling information, then why doesn’t she better resign and leave her place to someone who sees JUSTICE and FREEDOM as human ideals and not as money and political interest?