Wake Up, U.K, Millions of Pounds, ££££££££, that go in the pockets of certain Journalists mean Millions of New Voices and New Ideas and New Brains Being SILENCED. And MURDERED.

In our World of great injustice, galling inequality and stinking Corruption, that is created by the very people who daily write from Media MONOPOLIES. I can never understand big human ideas such as, merit and work. Equality of opportunity. Fair participation with ideas. Sharing. Hope for a better world. The right of being heard with ideas. JUSTICE. Goodness. Humanity. Kindness etc.

How on earth do these ideas make sense to you, when INFORMATION is controlled by the very rich or super rich media people? And whatever that you write and utter is never heard to more than a handful people?

Further, as if old evils to not be enough, nowadays, we see that even our Social Media has fallen into the hands of the super rich.

And all of this is being done through the power of Money. Continual promotion of media MONOPOLIES in our social media. And thus the reputation and authority of old MEDIA MONOPOLIES being waved in front of our eyes and brains. Like a bunch of fruit or a bough in front of a hungry cow!

So today people, who see MEDIA MONOPOLIES being promoted, know the artists of media MONOPOLIES from media names. And they follow them on our social media. Logic is easy here to be inferred from this great injustice that is done to our world.

So, the transition of MEDIA MONOPOLIES Power from print to digital and from cable TVs to online TVs is being done by the same media names. And their lackies, a few Artists who defend the interests of the class, keep holding the reins of INFORMATION and MEDIA power.

For we see that the Artists of the super rich MEDIA have millions of followers. They are heard. They lead. And they again control the information of today.

Thus, News MONOPOLIES, controlled by the very rich or super paid chief executives and MEDIA editors and artists of all forms, by promoting their MEDIA MONOPOLIES in our Social Media. They keep piling news MONOPOLIES upon news MONOPOLIES in their history of media MONOPOLIES.

For example, big media names such as the Sun, the New York Times, Financial Times, etc., have millions of monthly online subscriptions. Thus, dominating Information in both ways, in print and online.

However, people of the UK keep sleeping and Thinking that this is okay. When this must be the first priority of all things.

For I think that MEDIA MONOPOLIES need to be broken down. And a new way of thinking to come into existence.

A way of thinking that makes fair participation with ideas a priority. And the equality of opportunity on media a priority as well.

Further, as time and technology changes our world, the rules of social justice only become more unjust. Because those who care of social justice are SILENCED and Oppressed.

An independent writer, who may do any job to survive, and wants to promote his ideas with his hard-earned money. He is charged by Facebook with the same amount money that a big millionaire company is charged.

So, I cannot understand as human ideas when certain Journalists in the UK get super luxurious Salaries. While millions of new Voices and New Ideas and new brains in our country called the UK remain in total darkness. Unheard. And murdered by the same monsters. Mythological Gorgons who are led by utter GREED.

And here it is logical to say that millions of Pounds, ££££££££, that go in the pockets of certain Journalists mean Millions of New Voices and New Ideas and New Brains Being SILENCED. And MURDERED. Full stop.


Dr ACactivism