Warning for our Just UK MEDIA Monopolies – Discrimination in the Housing Market in London means Victims of Domestic Abuse will be entrapped with no option but bear the Abuse

Two words on domestic abuse before we unfold our theme on social justice. Domestic abuse can be psychological and physical or both.

Nevertheless, our point here is to speak about what happens when you are in a such situation. And landlords and letting agencies discriminate against you.

Discriminate by saying that you need to earn more than three times the amount of rent in order to rent their property. You need to be working. You do not need to be in the Universal Credit.

And so on with other forms of justifications that discriminate openly against the poor and the very oppressed of this country. Who are more likely to suffer from domestic violence of all forms.

Now, if you doubt what I say. Then let me ask one question, who among our population is entrapped in domestic abuse, the rich or the poor?

A rich person can’t be entrapped because he or her simply pack their clothes and go anywhere they like. Unless they are restricted by a gun or knife which becomes another thing and another theme of discussion.

So then, the ones who suffer mostly domestic violence and that need desperately a way out of the situation in which they are, they are the very poor and the very oppressed of this society.

Hence, here we have a case of an open discrimination by the class of Landlords and their lackeys, letting agencies, who are trying to earn big money by sucking the blood of the very poor and very oppressed at the expense of human lives.

And this form of discrimination by this class of people then is intended for the class of the Poor of this society. That is, to exclude them even from the right of renting and living in Dignity. Which is more than inhumane and cruel. And it is abuse of human rights.

But it wasn’t supposed to be like this. It was supposed landlords and letting agencies to not discriminate so openly. And people to be allowed to be resilient and avoid the heavy stress and heavy depression.

That means, when you find yourself in a bad situation, that you don’t like. Then to be easy for you as a citizen to find another accommodation, gentlemen. Find another accommodation without seeing humiliating discrimination that drives one mad.

And if things are in this way, the human soul can be both creative and resilient. That is, our basic needs do not turn into a struggle for justice like in a 19th century time.

Is this question of social justice too much for you, then, dear people of Media Monopolies and people of politics?

Thus, we see that due to today discrimination in the housing market, those who are plunged into debts, low incomes, depression anxiety and other social problems due to poverty and oppression. Now they are forced to bear domestic violence. Or go homeless. Or go straight into the Mad House.

This is more than inhumane an action. And a  Warning for our Just UK MEDIA Monopolies. A warning that says: Discrimination in the Housing Market in London means Victims of Domestic Abuse will be entrapped with no option but bear the Abuse. Or go straight into mad House.

For there is no safe heaven for them. But abuse inside and discrimination outside. Entrapping victims of domestic abuse with those who believe in the same values that our UK MEDIA Monopolies believe – abuse of power and abuse of human rights.

Enough Is Enough our country needs change desperately.


Dr ACactivism