Where the citizen is driven into evil, says Rousseau, you should hang, not the criminal, but those who drove him into crime – Our Laws… and our Lawmakers… perhaps?

To think different from others sometimes it is an invitation for change. And it is an appeal for others to follow a right way of thinking and doing. But that is not always the case, of course!


Nevertheless, it came to pass that once Rousseau, while thinking and writing in certain educative ideas, wrote a scathing attack towards the universal politics of all times. 

Where he said that, “If in this world there is any condition so miserable that one cannot live without wrong-doing, where the citizen is driven into evil, you should hang, not the criminal, but those who drove him into crime.”  

Rousseau didn’t elaborate this maxim of his further. Perhaps from the fear of revenge from the powerful men of the 18thcentury. However, his maxim was a clear insinuated vitriol towards bad politics. Bad politics that he had indirectly blamed for all the evil on earth in many of his deeds.

And thus, with what Rousseau said, he clearly suggested that this should happen to the…

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