Who did radicalize Jihadi John, RAP Violence and the BBC or Islam?

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Do you remember what David Cameron said in 2006?

If not, then let me remind you that he said that ‘I would say to Radio 1, do you realise that some of the stuff you play on Saturday nights encourages people to carry guns and knives?

Also the BBC said that in 2003, then home secretary David Blunkett dubbed so-called gangster lyrics “appalling” and vowed to speak to music producers and community leaders in a bid to curb them.


And he wasn’t stupid. Was he? No, he wasn’t. He saw that these ideas of rappers that continually glorify guns and drugs on Big Radios are not poetic. And therefore they are evil. Because violence is evil.


So David Blunkett spoke out for what he thought and felt that needed to be put right at that time.

Also the American philosopher, Steven Best, said that “In the mid-1990s, spectacular feuds between East and West coast rap groups broke out with highly publicized shoot outs and the murder of Tupac and The Notorious B.I.G. Following the bizarre ruptures of divisions between art and life in G-rap, with the artists living and dying the violent scenarios they were performing.”

Steven Best said that in the 2000. Because that is what happened in the past. But has anything changed in rap?

In 2013, for instance, DJ Charlie Sloth made famous at the BBC Radio One and BBC Radio 1Xtra Jihadi John. And he, Jihadi John, was terrorising london at that time. He was known to police and MI5. That means that he was a potential terrorist.

But the editor and the DJ Charlie Sloth of the BBC Radio One decided to dub him “an artist!” Because if you rap then you are an artist, then! Despite that you terrorise or kill or whatever evil action that you may commit. Despite that fact. For some ignorant djs of the BBC if you can rap then you are a great artist!


Still I rap, for exmple, about positive things but never ever got one opportunity from these djs of the BBC. Why? Because I am oppose their violent ideas. And that means that they have to block my ideas. Thank you. And they have done that for many many years. they don’t invite me in their studios to talk or rap. No. I am not allowed. Not allowed.

Thank you. Thanks to the BBC’s reputation.

The truth though tells us that the glamorization of a gangster lifestyle is endorsed by the rap industry as a means to an end. That is to say to catch the attention of the people. It has been so 40 years ago and it is so to this moment in time that I am speaking.


And it is so because violent rappers are at the top of the UK and American big radios. The BBC however, is the den of these terror-lovers that incite hate and crime all over the world. Also these terror-lovers of Big Radios do not support rappers that spread positivity. That is their inner ideology.  But they do support only rappers that spread negativity. Because in this way they can perpetuate their philosophy of violence. And the younger generation can follow them, become like them and keep up the evil work forever unchanged.


‘A former culture minister Kim Howells attacked some rap artists for creating a culture ‘”where killing is almost a fashion accessory”.’ said the BBC.


‘In July 1999, clergyman’s son Tim Westwood was himself injured in a drive by shooting in south London.’ said the BBC.


So the BBC is aware that it is promoting violence. The BBC is aware that it is instilling, imprinting and implanting violent ideas of guns and drugs and hatred into the minds of the younger generations and people in general. But the BBC does not want to change that. That’s the trouble with the mighty BBC. They are doing evil, but they are fine with that!


For instance, Nick Robinson, that man that takes pictures with fascist activists, never speaks out at BBC Radio 4 about these cancerous deeds of the BBC. Nor does he accept to sit down and talk. I have invited him to sit down and talk. I have told to Nick Robinson, BBC Radio 4 and to the BBC that I have got ideas to change rap and bring on the good vibes. But he, the BBC radio 4 and the BBC in general, have ignored my appeal and my philosophy. Because they are all famous! And perhaps because they don’t like people of ideas. They like those upon whom they can tread easily.


Furthermore, the BBC has used its security guards to silence my voice. And I say that because I have been for many times protesting in front of the BBC. Where I demanded that they stop making terrorists famous. I demanded that they dismiss DJ Charlie Sloth that made Jihadi John famous at their studios. Because this Dj Charlie Sloth continues to spread hatred. And he continues to make drug dealers famous at this moment in time at the BBC Radio One and BBC Radio 1Xtra. But still no one cares about truth!

So who did first corrupt the mind and the heart of Jihadi John?

The BBC or Islam? Islam does not promote drugs and guns in their books. (Do not misunderstand Islam with terrorists around the world. Because if you do so, then you must be a Nazi and judge like Nazis did judge Jews.) But, the BBC promotes violence and guns and hatred all day everyday on its big radios, right? I showed you the facts for that.

Another question is like this, “Where was this Jihadi John living? He was living in London. Obviously!

So the BBC has created in London and around UK, an environment of hate and crime that is choking and stifling. The BBC continues to preach hatred from its headquarters and so throwing dust in people’s eyes telling them that “hatred is art!”

But, violence is not art. War is not peace, is it? You get it?

Many present day scientists like Richard Davidson say that the environment can turn humans into criminals. And we see what is happening around that world. That is to say; violent environments are turning people into criminals. Also the @MENnewsdesk tweeted on 8th January 2016 saying that ‘Police very concerned’ after increase in gun crime in Manchester.

A while ago Capital News said, “Violence is increasing in London streets. And that gangs are using twitter to pursue their rivals.

The more GANGS the BBC Radio One Makes famous the more violence I see in NW London.

Rappers have been dying in shoot-outs in my area and in London too. So what does that tell you?

Who does promote guns and incite crime in the present day world? The BBC Radio 1Xtra and the BBC Radio One  does so obviously.

It is not only me accusing the BBC or going against rap. Many other people in politics and creative writing have voiced their opinion openly and said that rap industry is criminalizing the youth.


Or is it ‘art’ to glorify guns and drugs every now and then? You people who love books should know about Shelley and Lord Byron and Thomas Eliot etc. Because these rappers pretend to be poets but they are not. So they have smeared poetics forever. And that’s true. Because they are lazy and greedy and they don’t like to listen and learn about human values. And so put two words together in a positive way.


I say that because these rappers have the ability to improve their lyrics but they do not do that on purpose. First because they know that violence catches people’s attention, as I said earlier. And secondly because this way of doing has been for 40 years endorsed by the rap industry. And they make millions based in this evil idea. So how can they give up making millions?

So, this is done not for art but for the money. That’s why they do not want to change it.


The past rap history like the present day rap. That’s the way it is.

Question; ‘What has changed in rap so far? What has the BBC done to improve rap? Nothing. After dismissing Tim Westwood the BBC employed Dj Charlie Sloth that is just like Don Quixote of La Mancha. He is set to turn the wheel of the present day world backwards just like that. Violence is his passion and violent rappers are his idols. He is in love with Dr. Dree and his gangs. And so he wants to repeat the history of Dree while he takes advantage from the reputation of the BBC to do his own thing. That is to say, to make drug dealers famous, promote violence and make money from pure evil. Thanks to the BBC.


Also this DJ Charlie Sloth, like many others in there, got his job at the BBC without going through a competition. That’s why this DJ Charlie Sloth, or Don Quixote, had neither innovation nor ideas to change the hip-hop shame culture. And as I said earlier. DJ Charlie Sloth made famous Jihadi John in 2013 at the BBC. At a time when Jihadi John a.k.a L. Jinny was known at MI5 and he was terrorising London. Thank you BBC!

Does this tell you anything though?

Doesn’t this tell you that the BBC first corrupts the youth with its violent ideas that it spreads through its two big radios, BBC Radio One and Radio 1Xtra? And then the BBC tries to make famous these violent actors and give them hope that they can become famous despite spreading violence. So they don’t have why to change their behavior. So they can continue to spread violence. So they can keep going with the same negative ideas because they have the support of the BBC. Thank you then – BBC!


You see who is the true evil of EUROPE then?

Hence, Jihadi John went from a violent rapper admired by the BBC, to a terrorist in Middle East.

Was it Islam then that corrupted him? Are you mad? Those who use Islam in their terrorist banners, use it as a means to an end – for power.


So Jihadi John was looking for more power. He was looking to kill and cut off people’s heads because he had got the necessary gestation of evil in his heart from the BBC. Because the BBC instills violence in people’s mind.

All day everyday guns and drugs on its big famous radios, – what does that tell you?

Isn’t that a fact also, that tells that the Big Media is rotten to the core? Because the Big Media does not expose the evil doings of the BBC. Because they are friends with one another and that’s why. Obviously!

Can’t you see that the BBC has made and is making a choking environment of hate and crime through these rappers that preach hatred at its studios?

In some ghettos, poor areas of NW London where I live it has become so dangerous that I have to turn my head back every now and then and see who is at my back.

When I moved there five years ago it wasn’t so. But these young people there listen all day everyday BBC Radio 1Xtra. Rappers at BBC Radios 1Xtra and Radio One encourage youngsters to carry guns and knives, just like David Cameron put it in 2006. They always glamorize a gangster lifestyle that means that they are corrupting the minds of the people. That’s as true as my being on earth.


Now you tell me who did radicalize Jihadi John? Who did first put in his mind his violent ideas and profound hatred for humanity?


The truth is, as I previously said, ‘that Jihadi John was terrorizing London in 2013, but the BBC wanted to make him famous despite that. They have one Quixote-like attitude towards art. And they think that a criminal, because he is able to rap, he deserves to be praised to the skies and dubbed “a great artist!”


Now you tell me who did radicalize Jihadi John?

And I’m not an outsider who doesn’t know what goes on in rap scene. But I am rather an insider. I have been performing in the same open mic-s in London with all these rappers that I have seen get famous at BBC Radio One and BBC Radio 1xtra.

Rap culture or shame has been accused for spreading violence in USA. Rap culture or shame has been accused in France by some well-known French MPs for spreading violence in France. Rap culture or shame has been accused in Germany also. And it has become a global means of hatred and evil where drug dealers and criminals pretend to be artists and creators for saying a few words that do not make sense at all. That’s mad. And mad are too, these people at the top of the BBC that through their evil actions, they are saying openly that violence is art and vice versa!


Also, it is striking because now almost ten years later, it seems that David Cameron is not concerned anymore with these people that spread a message of hatred and violence. And of course I do not blame David Cameron at all. He perhaps is a genius or evil genius and he accused ‘Radio One for encouraging people to carry guns’ just to acquire some credits on his quest for political power. And as Orwell said, once you are in power you are concerned only how to hold the reigns of power and nothing else.


So that’s why perhaps Dave does not bother himself  anymore with rap. Now he is in power. Thank you.

To sum it up.

BBC, MTV, big radios and other big media moguls who glorify, award and praise to the skies those drug dealers that praise guns and knives, are the bane and disaster of our time. Therefore, they have created an as such environment that is choking and stifling. An environment that is dangerous. Consequently, they radicalized Jihadi John with their messages of guns and knives. They radicalized him with their call to violence.


Jihadi John was not living in Middle East but in London, in the same city where you need to look behind yourself and see who is following you. Because they have made a city where ruling class and middle class have expensive cars and bodyguards as the working class is always in danger. Thank you.


So it was the BBC that first pushed Jihadi John towards extremism.


The lyrics of Jihadi John were full of violent phrases against womankind and against mankind. Where did he develop these violent IDEAS? I don’t think that religion did radicalize him. Because he used religion as a means to evil power, thing that shows that he was not religious in the first place at all. But he was a rapper and a violent rapper. 

Therefore, it was Rap that did radicalize Jihadi John.

Because Rap instilled, imprinted and imposed that violent character in his very early age. These despicable ideas which DJ Charlie Sloth of BBC Radio 1xtra continues to spread undisturbed.

Then, this is the Present Time, a time of pain and suffer, a time where evil is taken for good and good for evil.


Unfortunately though, animals do not have the privilege of human pain. Animals do not have the ability to demonstrate and communicate through language. For good and evil is contained in our human language. And those who use a language of hate and brutality are the source of hate and evil. Some of those are Dr Dree, Tim Westwood, Snoop Dog, Eminem and others who have spread a message of violence all across the world.

And also those who keep quiet and do not speak about things that matter on the Big Media. Those who have been silencing my voice of truth for years.


So those who spread violence from the Big Media put in the blood of Jihadi John, in his spirit and in his soul, these passions of hate, of negativity and of brutality. They infected him from a very young age with these feelings of anger and destruction. So when he grew up, he didn’t have anymore any ethics in his self, or any moral purpose or aim. He didn’t have any sense about the value of the good or law or love. So all he wanted was to fight with guns as portrayed at BBC Radio 1Xtra, as portrayed by Dr. Dre, by Eminem and by Tim Westwood. So he was lost. He was cut off from humanity.


So after his tank was full of hate and negativity he took up a god. And it happened that is was the god of Islam, as his excuse to make the massacres that he did and gain evil power. He did what he did for evil power.

So, it was not Religion in the first place that did radicalize him. But it was the BBC Radio 1xtra and BBC Radio One that glorify violence and therefore, that radicalized him.


And the BBC Radio 1Xtra is a radio station that spreads terror and makes terrorists like Jihadi John famous. But still no one dares to say the truth as it is. The truth that the BBC is corrupting the minds of the young people and also it is imprinting violence in their minds.

This is the truth. The truth of the matter that you see. Open your eyes. For it’s high time to say the truth as it is – the naked truth.


Thank you!


Dr Che

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