Why Altruism? Why selflessness? Why Self-Sacrificing? Why Do We Bother About the World?

Well, I gave all the questions, all the ideas on the headline, so now let me take them one by one, step by step and inch by inch like the champions take their victories, and explain them to you upon the table of philosophy like people of wisdom unfold their values.

Why altruism? First of all let us indicate what do we mean by the word ‘altruism?’

Altruism comes from Italian altrui, that means someone else that is derived from the Latin ‘alter,’ that means, other, and that brings in my mind the image of Jean Paul Sartre, and his philosophy of The Other, ‘I’m the other and the other is me’ said Sartre; and that is like that famous expression of Buddha, one in all and all in one, hmm…

Here we go and here we are, the East and the West become one through altruism, the philosophy of the other of Sartre and the oneness of Buddha of the East become ‘one oneness’ within another oneness in the oneness of the oneness of nothingness within and through ‘altruism.’

Is the other I and am I the other? Here we penetrate deep in human consciousness, deep in human mind, deep in the unknown and philosophy. Here we enter into the inconceivable that is slightly perceptible and the slightly perceptible that looks like ‘the imperceptible.

I think that we think alike, we move alike, we are alike and we have the same mind, haven’t we? We speak and write the same language within a community, within a nation, within a continent and even within the world, that is, through our international language that is English and thus enables us to communicate and express our ideas in relations with one another and ourselves.

Well, you may say that this doesn’t make us think alike. Does it? Or doesn’t it? Yes this does, and this is just a roundabout example to remind you of the essence of who we are, because we turn semiosis, symbols and signs into particular meanings, into natural languages, therefore language, and we do all this in the same way, in the same process, the same action, that is through human mind, perception, conception, thinking and thought and all into consciousness like every drop of water into a little pool and every little pool into a bigger one, and so merge different individual consciousnesses and different minds into one mind.



And here is the point, here is my point. But what is this mind? This mind is the universal mind, and so in communication, that presupposes that perception, conception, thinking, thought and one’s subjectivity now has come forth in connection and relation with the other, we draw the universal mind into the individual mind and the individual mind into the universal one, and this is how we bring forth perception, thinking, thought, subjectivity, theory and communication with one-another into objectivity, praxis and action.

Also, communication, this roundabout example, presupposes not only spoken language but signed language as well, and in itself, in its interaction and interrelation of mind and minds, it presupposes all what contains and all what includes in essence, what I call universal or universal mind that is nothingness in itself where everything comes from and everything goes to.


So now the other questions why selflessness, why self-sacrificing and why do we bother about the world, all these questions I can sum up in the essence of altruism, the essence of the other and I as being part of the universal oneness, part of the nothingness and part of the idea that is, one in all and all in one, there where east and west merge into what Homer calls, ‘Mother Earth;’ and what we call mother universe and what I call mother ‘Nothingness’ that contains the beyond of all universes that you might be able to bring into your very individual mind.

But, why do we fight with each other, why do we have prisons, endless wars and so much evil in the world, if it is that we think alike then, if it is that we are the same and part of the same universal mind then? The answer is again from Sartre and his deed, ‘Being and Nothingness’ and he said that being in itself is all-Positive.

So my viewpoint and thinking is that as we grow up different minds make different views, create different ideas and perform different actions about the little environment and the world that we live in and are part of, and so through pettiness and narrow-mindedness one diverts from the all positive, universal, natural, harmonious mind and also through greed, gluttony and sickness of the individual mind too, one diverts from positivity, from goodness and from all what is called positive universality that is our very nature as human beings in and out of ourselves and in itself.

Now let me give you the example of my very self.

Personally, I fight for a better world because of what life threw at me, what bricks and bullets life threw and continues to throw at me and what pain and suffer life inflicted and continues to inflict in me. And perhaps, because I opened the book of the world and I listened and learned what good and evil is and from where and through what should one lead himself and through himself lead the world itself.

In essence, it was not life that hit me with bullets, stones and bricks, but rather, it was these others that are full of materialism, greed and gluttony and that got sick in their minds and thus diverted from all positive, harmonious human nature, those others that preferred evil over good, war over peace, and cruelty over mercy and consequently became evil and so need be challenged by all means and at all costs.

So I, now, know what means to live under Evil’s thumb and under those Evil other’s thumb, therefore I bother about the world, and I fight for a better world because I have pain, pain deep, deep, deep down in my blood and I want to give a meaning to this very pain and to give a meaning to the pain means to find its cause its source and what inflicted this very pain and take action to heal your pain and the pain of the world that you live in and love to death.

And the pain of a good human then is caused by an evil other human. And so the war remains the same, the war between good and evil till the last breath of our spirit, till the day that we pass away into the unknown worlds and nothingness.

So now comes the conclusion of altruism and its essence. We become altruists, sacrifice ourselves and bother about the world because we are positive in itself, deep in our unknown and unstudied and unsearched selves and so we fight negativity in thinking and reflection of our very self as being positive and part of greater universal self that is all positive, all good, all loving and all positive nature.

We know that good means to be in harmony with each other, and love is good and good is love, we reflect about it, we have been reflecting ever since in the lost records of the past.

And that’s why there are prisons, there are wars and there are negative persons about and around because of the very diversion from positivity, from positivity of our very being and our very nature in itself. And that’s why true altruists fight for a better world because their heart bleeds for a better world, and this very world makes them live on the edge and live with one foot in the grave because of this true love that they have for life and nature, for humanity and goodness and want to live in peace, accord, euphoria, joy and happiness with one-another, our very nature and Universality. But to be a true altruist takes some doing though, and doing here means to listen and learn and create the very action of positivity from your very own individuality.


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