Why Andrew Neil, a senior Journalist of the BBC and the leader of the U.K Media journalism, and Tony Hall, the director general of the BBC, must be in Prison for having linked Islam to Terrorism like Nazis linked Jews to all German Political Failure

Why should Powerful Media Journalists need to take Responsibility for their Power?


Jean Paul Sartre, a French philosopher considered as one of the greatest thinkers of the 20s century, said that “Freedom means Responsibility.” So far so good. So all I am asking from today journalists of the Mainstream Media, who get paid super luxurious salaries for speaking only, is RESPONSIBILTY for the SOCIAL POWER that we, the people, have given to them. And responsibility for their wrong thinking and doing or their actions. Is that hard?


The social power that we, the people, have given to Journalists of Media is the power of information that they are controlling. And the laws that they are influencing without we, the opposing reason of today like myself, being able to participate in their media headquarters.


Now to come to the evil thinking and doing of Andrew Neil and of why he must be in….

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