Why did I, Dr ACactivism, ran to disrupt Eurovision and how did I stand? And what was the way I was brutally oppressed?

Oppression is pain. So of course that I have a lot to say to a silent and sleeping Europe. We all see what we, westerners, are doing to Palestine, don’t we? We see how our Western world with U.K government have supported the Yemeni government and instigated a war in Yemen. And so killing women and children and men and innocent people for nothing. So first of all, I ran to give a message to Europe for Peace in Yemen and Freedom in Palestine.



And I ran to give a message to our U.K Media that is almost  SILENT to big Injustice. So also I ran to disrupt the Eurovision to give a message to our MURDEROUS Corporate, MAFIA-like U.K Media, here in the U.K. A U.K Media that is funded by the very rich, controlled by the very rich and that represents the ideals of the very rich. A U.K media that thinks that we are all sheep and slaves to be controlled and oppressed. A billionaire U.K Media that makes business with “Truth and human ideals.” A U.K Media that has turned artists and journalists into their tools to achieve their ends – that is oppression, division and control. A U.K media that has monopolised all the means of information. And that thinks that the monopolies of news media and information are justice and equality and freedom! A 1984 thing.


Secondly, because of the fact that our U.K Media has achieved to ban me from all the main means of information, I also ran to raise awareness that war is neither peace nor a joke. I ran to tell that the guns that our U.K government has sold to Saudi Arabia are murdering people. That the guns that the U.K Government has sold to the Israeli government are murdering and keeping an entire nation under oppression. I ran to demand mass awakening. I ran to tell that these innocent lives that are being killed by our NATO army, when we bombed Middle East in the past and missed the real targets, need a responsibility and an answer. I ran to tell that  we must not make Syria a 1984 thing. Where we chop up a nation for our political interests. Either enter into the war and take responsibility or do not meddle at all. I ran to tell that we are becoming like the past Germans who supported Adolf Hitler to murder 7 million Jews. I ran to tell that justice and freedom require eternal fight against those that social power has corrupted.


I ran to tell that Andrew Neil, Tony Hall and the BBC need to take responsibility for having created all the new Nazi movements in the Europe by inspiring them with their hatred against Islam. I ran to tell that they have used the power of the BBC to turn Islam and immigrants into a scapegoat and enemy of Europe. (you can read full facts on my blog “why Andrew Neil must be in prison.”) I ran to tell that we need the thinking humanity that thinks and creates to come forward to express their thinking and create and not be oppressed. For it is those that think and create that can make a better world.

And finally and essentially I ran for freedom and justice.

I ran for hope. So those teenagers of today, that are left with neither hope and nor love, one day can hope and can dream . Because today every single chair of our social power goes towards the centre and forever on the hands of the very few. So we need an decentralisation of political power on media, politics and economy.


With my action also I gave an example and showed to the new generations how to stand and fight for Freedom and Justice. So they can know how to stand for freedom and justice and not take guns and knives and murder one another. But take ideas, movements and fight for freedom and justice. For freedom and justice demand eternal fight.


“Why do I think so?” you may ask.  Because social power is able to corrupt all of us and the best of us. So it is those who do not control the chairs of social power that need to fight against those who control the social power of a certain  time. And stand against them with movement and human values on their hands, human values for which it was supposed we to stand.

I ran to stand for the oppressed, the exploited and those that are not able to be heard. And in the same time, I ran to take a stand against the very intelligent that control today social power, media, politics and corporations that oppress us with their ideas on the one hand and guns on the other.


How did I stand?


I stood with ideas, speech and thinking. I stood with human dignity. I didn’t go to grab the bottoms of the singer or her boobs. I said to the singer “please give me your mic.” For I wanted to express my ideas and take my right of speech that has been denied from the very journalists and artists of the U.K Media. And I saw that she made a motion to give me her “mic.” So I took her mic and said, “Murdering Nazis of the U.K Media “Oppression of ideas is not Freedom. War is not peace. Also I wanted to say, (what I had written in a piece of paper but that I wasn’t able to raise up) that Prostitution is not Humanism. And at last my demands.

We, at Dr A.C, demand from the rich new Nazis, that control the U.K Media,

The right of participation,

The right of being heard

And the Freedom of ideas.


So ran for humanity and stood for certain ideas.


Now you may ask, “What was the way that I was brutally oppressed?

There was a way for them to take me out. Like taking me by the arm. But the murdering security power, who protected the Eurovision, threw their hands on my neck and wrestled me to the ground for no reason. Then they dragged me by force off the stage and began to hit me. But what they did was unnecessary, for I was willing to do whatever they told me to do. That is to go out.


Further, at the backstage happened a total brutality. They began hitting my body from everywhere, without mercy at all. And with an unheard cruelty and an unreal brutality. Like I was a piece of paper not a human being!

At one moment, I achieved to say to one of them though, “it is not worthy you to murder me for 3 euro that they pay you.” But the “3 euro Portuguese men” were not listening. So they continued to hit like brutes. They didn’t even seem to fear the law nor did they seem to have any love for freedom and activism.



So a group of people began to hit me hard with their boots like Nazis may have hit 7 million Jews. The same boots. The same faces who sell their soul for 3 euro.
Security or police (I saw people in different uniforms, but I don’t know their role) began hitting me continually and without mercy.


They hit me in my stomach, on my ribs, on my head, on my legs and all over my body for almost 10 minutes. And at one moment, when I achieved to say, “That you are murdering me” one of them shouted in English, “Murder him.” Then they checked my pockets and took out my passport. They read that on my passport was written my birthplace, “Albania.” So at that moment I heard voices saying, “Murder that Albanese.” And they shouted with some Portuguese words too, that I couldn’t understand. But it seemed an order for me to be killed. For the kicks and punches intensified at this time.


My hands were wide opened with more than two people holding them and others hitting me. My face was against the earth with one or two people continually hitting me on the head. And at this moment one of the security or police members, who was hitting me at that moment, came to block my nose and my mouth. So he tried to block my means of breathing and tried to choke me to death. And cause my death through asphyxiation. But I achieved to breathe from the small holes of his fingers and that’s how I, perhaps, achieved to survive.

Then after struggling to breathe while having for more than two minutes his hands on my mouth and my nose, Suddenly, I heard voices shouting in the Portuguese language. And at this moment the person that seemed to have taken orders to kill me by choking me, removed his hands from my nose and my mouth and let me breathe. At that time my resistance fell and I fainted. They woke me up by slapping me. And dragged me to a closed place where they hit me again. Again I fainted there. And at this moment one ambulance was called.



Later on, when I was inside a police station in Lisbon, I was feeling too much pain. And the police decided to send me to the hospital for medical aid. While on the way to the hospital, I passed a trauma from the many “kicks and punches and blows” that I had received earlier. So at this time I was only able to repeat what happened to me.” I had lost my consciousness.


And for this anyone who may be interested in the truth must have a look at the notes of the doctors (if they have made any note) in the medical report that the police of Lisbon must have.



So they wanted me dead. They wanted to kill me. For they were continually hitting me with their boots like being vicious hyenas, cruel animals with no human souls.
They didn’t hear the drums of my words that I went to disrupt Eurovision for all of us. For our #europe that is being controlled by a social order that is designed to control, oppress, and divide. I said oppression of ideas is not freedom. I said, “war is not peace. ”


However, I don’t know how did I resist all of their brute force. I don’t know why I didn’t die from asphyxiation. Even though I fainted twice. And the ambulance was called twice. And I ended up in the emergency department of a hospital of Lisbon. Maybe I was simply survived.




At the end I would say that I made a stand against the very intelligent. I had nothing with brutes. My actions were peaceful and had as an intention, “True justice and true freedom.” Not slavery and wars. I ran and stood for my #uk people, that are being controlled like sheep and slaves by our criminal U.K media that is being controlled by the very rich. I ran and stood for all the people. But I was brutally oppressed by brutes that protect today artists and media cronies.







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