Why do I think that Big Media Gave Birth To All Today Neo-Nazi Movements – My Story and My Pain

Albert Einstein said at his deed, Ideas and Opinion, that man can find meaning in life only through devoting himself to society. And with this, he meant a true society that represents the world as one and that fearlessly fights for social justice.


For I think that Einstein wanted to see a world that is without divisions, without hatred and without wars. And yes, he wanted to see man work to make the world a better world.


But how can a man make the world a better world and so find meaning in his divine work?


I think that one can work to make the world a better world, in the best way, when one is able to perceive what is wrong and has the ability to show to the world how to put things right.


Now, let’s take our today phenomena and see what is wrong, how can we put the things right? And finally how can we make the world a better world?


First let me start with the idea of cause and effect. And the effect of the cause that in turn becomes a cause.


The global financial crises that began in the USA in 2007 and the Eurozone crises in the 2009 tell us that we are living in a world where crises have hit us hard. And this is what I mean by “the cause.” And the effect of this it is that for almost everything that goes wrong “immigrants” are being blamed.


Now the effect of the cause it is the essence of doing and thinking. That means that Big Media in making a mountain out of a molehill, when it happens that an immigrant does something wrong, immigrants in general are again blamed. And here again the effect turns into a cause.


So the Big Media by exaggerating things to an extent where the story does not hold anymore water, it becomes the cause for all the immigrant hatred in the world.


And as a result of what I just said. We see Bre-Exit, we see neo-fascist movements in Europe and in the UK and in the USA cropping up every now and then. And finally all of this world mess ending up with Donald Trump!


As the aforementioned egomaniac beast you know what values he held up. He held up hatred for immigrants and hatred for the values of our world that we fought not for centuries but for thousands of years to arrive here were we are today. For human history does not need an introduction. Nietzsche said “history is a shame.


Now let me carry on with a general view.


In general.


I see for years an entire Big Media making a mountain out of a molehill when it happens that a man that comes from a certain country and commits a crime. Like a robbery, a killing, a rape or whatever else that we call wrong and therefore, “evil.”


I see the big European and USA media creating a Hollywood movie out of a wrong action that a foreigner happens to commit. And they generalize their ideas and implicitly and suggestively blame the immigrants. Like it is all the immigrants who do that! And not single individuals that need to be named in respect to their crime and evil action that they committed.



As regarding the terrorists. Again when a terrorist commits a terror attack in our European soil or in the USA. Again the “Immigrants” are to be blamed!

And not the terrorists in particular with whom we are in war with. Whom we go to kill wherever they are, in Middle East, in Africa and everywhere on earth. Or the criminals that have nothing to do with the general meaning of the “immigrant.” So what?


Here is not the fact of the matter that we should denounce injustice and crime. For we must do that. No, I am not saying that we must give up condemning injustice. Contrariwise, I want to properly highlight what is just and what is unjust. And show that those who are pretending to be “good and just” are more evil than even terrorists themselves. In my particular case, they are the BIG MEDIA MOGULS. A big media that is controlled by the very rich and the very powerful that blows like a tornado whenever its natural whirlwind of interest calls her to go.


So, therefore, what concerns me deeply in here is the linking of the particular meaning of the individual man with the general meaning of the immigrant.


A human being that commits a crime in London and that happens to have been born in other lands, he is not an immigrant. For the meaning of “immigrant” is general. As the meaning of man is particular. And if we see that this kind of generalization is giving birth to a new wave of fascism then we must stop it.


For David Bohm, an American thinker, said that all humans are concerned with the essence of fitting. The artist, the scientists and the simple human being. Therefore, I think that we must see what is to be done that can stop this wave of hatred that is created against immigrants.


For let’s be honest immigrants are the oppressed of all oppressed. They do the worst jobs in every country they go, and in our today world they are the first to be blamed for everything that goes wrong!


However, for this present day evil phenomenon that is being called as just by the very rich media and politics, I want to remind to the reader what Jean Paul Sartre said of his “theory of the scapegoat.”


Upper classes need a scapegoat suggested Sartre at his deed Anti-Semite and Jew. And the reason for it, he argued that it is class conflict. So the wealthy bourgeoisie phenomenon with Jews as a scapegoat avoid class conflict.


But question, is the same thing happening in our days? Based on facts and reason, I say, “Yes.” For instance, the Big Media and Big Politics need a scapegoat to carry on to be at the top of the people. And hence the scapegoat of the today are the oppressed of all oppressed. And they are called but “the poor and wretched immigrants.”


That means that in the place of the past Jew scapegoat, today upper classes put the Immigrant scapegoat and avoid our galling inequality and class conflict. Beautiful, isn’t it?


So, Upper Classes encourage hatred against particular people because in this way they substitute a dangerous hate against their regime with a beneficial hate that serves their political agenda.


Thus we see through the historical Jew, the today immigrant. And the reason why the upper classes avoid to talk truth is because the gab between the rich and the poor in USA and Europe is just unacceptable. And therefore it is injustice. So then, like Sartre said of the Jew, the today upper classes to avoid class conflict, they invent and incite hatred against immigrants.



The most influential tabloid in the U.K., The Sun, compared migrants to cockroaches and said that they will use gunships to stop migrants. What does that tell to you? Doesn’t that tell you a class conflict? With homeless growing everyday in London as the editors of The Sun getting paid better and better?


For in a world where the rich gets richer and the poor gets poorer, someone must be blamed. And so we have a new scapegoat for EU and USA, – and they are today immigrants. Also known as the oppressed of all oppressed.


To further prove my reason, let’s look at an article written by the misogynistic and clever journalist, PIERS MORGAN on 29th January 2017.

“There is also a massive delusion to the myth that Muslim terrorists are the biggest violent threat to American lives.

Since Donald Trump’s inauguration nine days ago, more than 750 people have been killed by guns in America, through murder, accident and suicide.


The situation is so appalling that in 2016, more Americans were killed by TODDLERS with guns than by terrorists.

Yet there has been no executive order to try to stop this carnage, and nor is there likely to be.


President Trump was vociferously backed by the NRA in his election campaign and he is a fervent supporter of the 2nd Amendment.”


Piers Morgan for MailOnline,

“More Americans were killed last year by toddlers with guns than by Muslim terrorists, Mr President – where is the executive order to stop THAT?”


So all of this seems to be but a subtle philosophy to distract the minds of the Americans from a burning question that is destroying America. And that burning question is “Gun Violence and the bosses of gun manufacturers that seem to be unstoppable and willing to continue to sell guns at any cost.


The latter though are supported by the mighty beast, Donald Trump. And Mr. Trump didn’t come from the bottom to bring change. Contrariwise he came from the top, he began his campaign with his own funds, and therefore he is there with a clear vision. That is not to drain the swamp, as he has said, but to avoid class conflict, to keep selling guns to Americans, to keep destroying America, to keep inequality intact. And again as Stare said “to avoid class conflict!”


Thank you very much American people for missing the point and making our world more dangerous.


Now let’s take our philosophy of war on “terrorism.”


When you go to kill innocent people and oppress people on the other side of the world, shouldn’t you then expect to get killed from these people?


For instance let’s take the case of the Berlin Attack on the 19th December 2016. For we didn’t see the truth being said as it is. The truth that a terrorist is a terrorist and not an immigrant. No. But we saw The New York Times, The Sun, The Mirror, the Daily Mail, The Independent, the Guardian etc., who didn’t stop calling out and pointing out and linking the general meaning of immigrants with the particular meaning of the terrorists, with whom we are in war, in their newspapers.


An American thinker suggested that if you are able to corrupt the sub-consciousness of man, then you can easily direct his consciousness as you like. And in terms of media and selling stories, think that the best way to do this is to appeal to people’s ignorance and prejudices. Like making generalizations and blaming immigrants.

 Now regarding the war on terror, let’s return back to the aforementioned article of Piers Morgan for the sake of truth.

“There is no good reason why people with perfectly valid permanent resident green cards have been rounded up at airports, handcuffed, and threatened with deportation.

Slashing the number of genuine refugees America will accept going forward, and taking none from Syria ‘indefinitely’, is utterly reprehensible, too.


These people are fleeing the very Middle East battlefields sparked by the illegal, immoral and disastrous war on Iraq.

A war that America, with its equally culpable allies like Britain, started with Saddam Hussein as twisted, illogical revenge for a terror attack committed by somebody else.

The wrong guy was targeted then, just as this executive order picks on many of the wrong guys now.

We have a moral duty to help those innocent people whose lives have been ruined by our unjustified warfare. To now subject them to even more oppression, heartache and despair seems cruel.”


So, from this article I can infer our present day philosophy of doing and making things. A philosophy that wages unjustified wars on other countries like Piers Morgan said and like Noam Chomsky has many times pointed out in the past. A philosophy that creates terror and chaos on other countries. And then, the same philosophy, at the end it even does not accept to support the victims that flee the conflict that this Western foxy philosophy created.

Isn’t that strange though? To wage wars, to create chaos and conflicts and at the end to not even accept and support the victims! This is then our Western wolfo-kratia. And I call it, the power of the wolves.


Western Wolfo-Kratia Killing Innocent People and Taking No Responsibility


Now let’s take the case of 19th July 2016. Where about 80 people were killed and many more wounded in Syria by the US airstrikes. And all of this Shakespearean and Aeschylus-like tragedy goes almost unnoticed. With a few newspapers mentioning it in passing. And in particular the Guardian saying, “US airstrikes on a Syrian village have killed at least 73 civilians, a majority of them women and children, activists say.”


But what about “the responsibility of killing innocent people?” what about asking for justice? What about denouncing the injustice that is being done to today humanity?


“Playing down truth and exaggerating things is the worm-like today ideology of the Big Media and Big Politics.”


So when we go to kill innocent people in Middle East or anywhere else in the world, we play this truth down in our Big Media. We mention truth in passing and we do not denounce it as injustice. On the other hand when a terrorist happens to come and revenge to our machine-like humanity. Then our Big Media creates a Hollywood movie and links the particular meaning of the terrorist to the general meaning of the immigrant! Hello?


Does my reason need more introductions? Doesn’t this show to you then that the fathers and mothers and creators of the today Neo-Nazi movements are the very upper classes? Those who, like SARTRE put it, need a scapegoat to avoid the burning question of each epoch class conflict. Where the rich get richer and the poor gets poorer everyday? Eh? What do you think?


Does it need to be said the fact that Big Media is controlled by the very rich? The rich classes that want the poor forever to keep their heads down and do all the jobs for them. And we know that the only effective way to achieve this is by creating hatred and wars.


And, therefore, we have seen the results of their hatred. With their evil getting so big against humanity that it prompted some people to launch a campaign called “Stop Funding HATE” on Facebook and Twitter. And this campaign thanks to people’s understanding so far has been effective. With the results showing some corporations stop fund the Daily Mail etc.


My Pain and My Story and the Big Media Hypocrisy


In 2016, before Donald Trump being elected, I took a plane, crossed the ocean and so I hopped from London to New York.


And I went in New York with clear ideas in my mind. I wrote an open letter to the Big Media in New York where I clarified my reasons of why I was in there.


I wanted to confront face to face the journalists of the Big Media in THERE and tell them that their hatred against immigrants is wrong. For whenever it happens that an immigrant does something wrong. The big USA media will go at the bottom of it. Really? And why? To avoid class conflict and blame the poor immigrants for everything that happens in our holy lands of Europe and USA? Is that righteous though?


So whenever an immigrant does something wrong they will interview his/her fathers and mothers and they will go to immigrant’s childhood and origin and see if there is something wrong with education and more. That is that out of an immigrant’s crime they will make a movie! My goodness! An entire Hollywood movie. But isn’t this a source and philosophy of funding and spreading hatred though?


And why? First they see that this action sells millions of newspapers. And secondly, they see that people love a scapegoat. And that to avoid class conflict is the best thing to do since sliced bread!


But people are killing people everyday. Let’s leave the right thing to the right place. Or at least let’s not exaggerate things and let us not call a criminal an immigrant.


For why on earth should big media put so much attention on a crime that is committed by an immigrant and mention in passing when thousands of crimes are committed by European and American citizens? Eh? Doesn’t that tell you that the journalists of the big media show to be preachers of death through their own actions? Eh?


Why I think so? Because to call an immigrant a criminal means to paint all immigrants with the same brush. That is to call all them criminals. For if someone is a terrorist, then call him a terrorist and leave the rest to the police. Why shouldn’t you? Because you want to sell more stories? Isn’t that right?


You mean, why should big media stop exaggerating things? It must do that for the sake of humanity. For we see that these kinds of paintings and brushings and exaggerations that comes from the big media has given birth to the entire neo-nazi movements in Europe and USA.


But what did I achieve in New York? Did I achieve to speak to the journalists in there?


No. I went to question the journalists of the ABC and the security of the ABC called the police and threw me to Jail. I went to question the journalists of the Fox TV and the security of the FOX TV called the Police and threw me to jail. The same thing happened with the New York Times.


And the same happens with all my activist ideas in London. The just BBC calls their security and police whenever that I go to question the journalists of the BBC.

And all the Big Media from London to New york and vice versa has swept their UNJUST actions under the carpet for years. Where is the justice then?


Big Media likes to make questions but when you go to question their integrity and truthfulness, they call police and security and shut you down and close you up in jail.


Further, a journalist of London News told me on the phone one day, when I tried to report a violent abuse that their security officers committed to me, that we are not allowed to speak ill of ourselves! You see? That means that they are not allowed to speak truth?

Let me better end my reason with questions;

Where is the truth, where is the justice and where is the humanity?






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