Why For Christmas we shouldn’t Want Gifts but the Freedom of the oppressed people – All I want for Christmas is a Free Palestine

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Most of us in the western world are interested in things that pigs are interested. Like say to eat as much as possible without being conscious of what or how one is eating. And have a good time while we eat and drink what has been served to us mostly by third world slaves!

For example, I see many different messages for the Christmas of 2019 that contain the same essence. People writing about opening and sending gifts, people thinking of their loved ones. People thinking about party or to party as hard as it is possible. And so on.


However, here among us, among piggish feelings and unconscious ways of living and existing in the today world, are and people like Eman Awad that think a bit differently. And that have a great idea and message to say for all of us to follow.


It impressed me to see in Linkedin a person that wanted a Free Palestine for Christmas. A person that sees the freedom of a people above everyday gifts and party. A person that sees humanity above greed and above an unquenchable hunger for more and more will to power.


And therefore I support her idea. I support a Free Palestine. Because every conscious human being who sees oppression must support freedom. Every human person who sees injustice must appeal for justice.


And I say, “must” because certain ideas, like freedom and justice, are a “must do” because they are human ideas that we are supposed to follow. And if we do the opposite of what we say we must do, then we are hypocrites.


That’s why all I want for Christmas is a Free Palestine.