Why is Man EVIL? Explained…

I once read the ideas and philosophy of a man called Jean Jacques Rousseau.

And he argued that man is not born evil. Rather it is the corrupted political institutions that turn him into evil.

But if we translate all political institutions and any kind of social preponderance or importance as power. Then we infer from it that it is any kind of power that corrupts the soul of man and that turns the latter into evil.

Now let me give you my life experience.

Whenever I saw man having some small social power on his hand, I also saw him behaving in the most corrupted way possible.

I saw with my eyes the manager of a restaurant of five employees using its employees in London, exploiting them to death and treating them like being animals. Like not giving them a break in 16 hours shifts, putting them to run all day, making them work more than it is necessary or one employee doing the work of five employees etc. And shouting and yelling at them just like one may do shout and yell at jungle animals.

Second example, now the scale of power will grow a little bit. I saw journalists of the big media thinking that it is only them who have the rights to speak. I saw them controlling information by force using police and security officers to silence the voices that oppose their ideas. I saw them being dishonest and hypocrite. Like siding with different political systems and corporate interests. And yet having the cheek to speak of justice and denounce criminals! When the latter were themselves becoming criminals through their way of doing and thinking.

And here again it is my life experience. 

For instance, every time that I went or that I still go at the BBC’s headquarters to protest or question them. It is because I want one opportunity to express my ideas that I have been working with my blood for years. Ideas that intend to bring some change and innovation in Europe or in our hell-like and corrupted world in which we live.

However, I never took that opportunity from the assumed good and the just Journalists of the Big Media who continue to control information by force.

Well, it is true that the journalists of the BBC or of the BIG MEDIA do not have guns in their hands. Nonetheless they call police and they tell you how guns and injustice work.

But what do they do and how do they control information by evil force? They use police and security officers to silence your voice through the power of the latter. The Met Police UK, for instance, forced me in October 2016 to stop questioning the journalists of the BBC and accused me for harassment for making questions! The New York Police arrested me in New York in 2016 at the headquarters of the FOX TV for making questions. The same did the ABC in New York. The security of the ITV threatened me to put his fingers in my eyes for making questions in front of the ITV. The security of the BBC smashed my phone back in 2016 and no one from the big media did say that etc.

So that is how power corrupts the journalists. For they side and support political and corporate interests instead of siding and supporting the great values of humanity. Like truth, goodness and fairness.

Thirdly, let’s take politicians and politics. George W Bush said in an interview to CNN on 24th February 2017 that power can be very addictive, and it can be corrosive.

What George W. Bush said is true. For we have learnt from the past history how millions of people ended up in mass graves because of some kind of “addictive meaningless power.” And because of some egomaniac politicians who were addicted to this kind of evil power and wanted the entire planet for themselves. And we see even in our time politicians giving orders to kill people everyday and mostly in totally unjustified circumstances.

And we don’t need to go back to Kaddafi or earlier to Hitler and others to give a concrete example of how power can be addictive. For we have the example of Bashar al-Assad that can tell to us “that” now and here. And we see that Bashar al-Assad does not want to give up power. And we have seen him giving order to kill and massacre and even gas his own people, like he did back in 2013, for some pointless power in a world of nothingness. A world that does not make sense without honesty, goodness and fairness. Or to put it in another way, a world that does not make sense without the great values that we didn’t find written in the skies. But that we created for the sake of living our lives in peace and harmony as conscious human beings.

So therefore, if we take my three examples into considerations. Then we conclude that it is not only “power” or big power that corrupts man. Rather it is any kind of power that corrupts man. And the way of the dictator to kill, the way of the journalist to silence his opponents – independent thinkers, and the way of the manager of a restaurant to exploit its employees to death is not very different. For all of these manners lead to the conclusion that power corrupts and kills. And therefore when it is unfair and addictive it is evil.

Well but why is the manager of a restaurant exploiting his employees? Why don’t the journalists of the BBC or of the Big Media want to give me one opportunity to express my ideas? Why is Bashar al-Assad killing his people?

All of these questions bring one to the ideas of fairness. The Man of Power doesn’t want to be fair to the other man who don’t have power. Because the meaning of power and having some dominance over other man has blinded him either consciously or unconsciously. The good feeling of commanding other man to do this and that for him has turned the man who commands into a being of a higher importance than the man who is being commanded. With the word “man” I mean in here “human.”

And so the man who holds the reins of any kind of social power mistreats the other man, exploits him and even kills him. The mistreated man wants fairness to exist on earth, he wants to live his life in peace and goodness and fairness and so he resists the evil power of the blinded and corrupted man. And from here start all social conflicts.

Will to power against will to fairness and vice versa.

So it is will for bigger and greater power that turns man into monster, the manager of a restaurant and the like places, the journalist of the BBC or of the Big Media and the dictator of Syria and other dictators.

Conclusion and Solution 

So only when we make humanity fair. And when we instill the idea of fairness and balance in the souls and minds of the people, then we will see a humanity that wants to be good and just. And to make things fair means to balance them. Einstein said, in a radio interview in June 1950, that the fate of humanity is always in the balance.

So to balance and make things fair in my examples means that the employee to not be exploited. The journalists of the BBC and of the Big Media to not use police to shut down the voices of independent thinkers. And dictators like Bashar al-Assad to give up power and live while thinking to leave other people live. And take in a way that people also think to give. For the joy of living and of being is in the joy of giving and loving.

And therefore my philosophy tells to you that man is born neither good nor evil. Rather man becomes good and evil. And what turns man into evil is “Power of any kind.” And that’s why any kind of power needs to be taken into question at all times and for as long as we live. Never forget to make questions.

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