Why Nick Watt is a Social Monster that was proportionately hunted down and robustly challenged for his evil? The culture of Abuse, Inequality, Unfairness and Oppression, that UK MEDIA Monopolies support, finally Hunts them back by the very people they feed with ideas of Oppression and educate with Inequality

Evil is the meaning of this social worm called, UK MEDIA Monopolies’ journalist. A form of wormish being that grovels for media power in order to become a crocodile.

That is, use information to control people by controlling our culture and influencing our laws through the media power or through the absolute control of Information.

Now you ask, Why do I think that he behaviour of the protestors towards BBC’s Social Monster, Nick Watt, was proportionate?
And what if it happened to me?

The philosophy of the UK MEDIA Monopolies’ journalists is to work united like a pack of wolves. Their philosophy is to shy away from truth and Reason. And their philosophy is to not recognise the human rights of participation and being heard.

So they have oppressed people’s ideas up to a point where the only thing they feel is the anger of Injustice and corruption. They feel and see deep unfairness. Unfairness that we see spring out of the Monsters of UK MEDIA Monopolies.

So the behaviour of the people, who challenged Nick Watt was proportionate to the evil thinking and doing of the UK MEDIA Monopolies.

Further, with what I saw in the video, there was only shouting and screaming towards Nick Watt. An action that was proportionate towards a social monster, like Nick Watt.

So, the culture of abuse and oppression that they create by controlling Information and influencing laws. The abhoring inequality, unfairness and injustice that they create by making Information a power that belongs only to them.

No violence used. So UK MEDIA Monopolies again exaggerating a robust challenge.

All this evil culture or cultivation has finally begun to hunt the Social Monsters of the UK MEDIA back. And it is proportionate and fair.

For the end, there was no violence involved and no touching or hands used. Which would be condemned by myself. There was simply a robust challenge of this social monster – Nick Watt.

What if it happened to me?

If it happened to me of course that I would not feel good. And this is not selfishness but fairness.

For I believe in Freedom, justice, Fairness and participation. So I do not deserve such a robust challenge.

But UK Media deserve a robust challenge.

For UK MEDIA Monopolies lack all of these ideals. And it is a breeding monster that continually breeds Social Monsters through its evil media Monopolies, reputation and authority and money power.

Hence, a robust challenge of these media Monsters is fair and square.