Why peaceful protests must continue against Boris Johnson and British people rebel against Political oppression and injustice

In a democratic world all the guilt falls on the badly lied and manipulated masses. Because at the end it is the people who elect the leaders of our country.


So it was in the British imperialism and colonialism era. And so is in the today New Imperialist Britain.


Like say, for example, politicians promise a bright and a better future by colonising another continent. And the people follow. Politicians promise a bright future by waging wars in another continent and turning black people into slaves. And people follow.


Ej, you the people, who follow like sheep your leaders, hello here?


So the question here is, “Why do people of all times follow the mendacious and aggressive ideas of their politicians towards others? Because the masses have almost nothing, everything has been on the hand of the few for centuries. Say at least from the beginning of the capitalist era.


And for centuries, it is the children of the poor that turn into soldiers, doctors and teachers at the bottom. While the children of the rich become politicians, journalists on the mainstream media and businessmen. That’s the reality.


And the answer is that people can’t stand still and think “when a better economy is promised to them.” So people of all times follow all evil ideas of their politicians if a better economy is promised to them.

For example, to the today British people, a people whom we can straightaway blame for the Brexit chaos, the Brexit side and Boris Johnson promised a…

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