Why Prince Harry? Why Royals? Why Brain-dead Celebrities every day in the News MEDIA? How the Big Brother or the U.K MEDIA Mind-Controls People

Hey is our time a time in the human history where people are mind-controlled like sheep by the AUTHORITY and REPUTATION of the Mainstream Rich U.K Media?


For example, before people beginning to speak on Twitter about “Royal Baby” preceded by a hashtag, the Mainstream U.K MEDIA, like BBC, Sky News, ITV, Daily Mail, The SUN etc, had been writing and speaking all day about this “ROYAL BABY” thing.


Hey again, I aks, do people think what the Mainstream Media wants them to think? Because this example show just that – MASS MIND-CONTROL by the RICH MEDIA.

Well what U.K media is doing is absolutely unfair. And people in social MEDIA must think of change. Like by boycotting and refusing to read or listen the rich U.K MEDIA. That is what I call MASS AWAKENING. And human intelligence.


Why is the U.K Media unfair and corrupt, you may ask?


Well to those who think so, I will reply thus, “What books, what blogs or what ideas has this Prince Harry written or spoken that he is every day in the news media? Eh? Is this a fair question that implies an answer?


What about Prince William and other royals? What books and what ideas have they written or what philosophies do they have? Are they philosophers or ideologues or creative thinkers that we must hear of them?


What about the celebrities? Singers, for instance? Singers are entertainers, they sing and entertain and nothing else. Just imagine, most of the singers find even their song lyrics ready. So “Why are singers every day in the papers and online and in print news?



On the other hand, why people of ideas, like myself, are not allowed to participate with ideas in the U.K MEDIA Headquarters?



You know what, here is a big noise for nothing important. First because the MEDIA wants to avoid speaking about pressing things that matter. Avoid  and drown out people of ideas who demand change. And speak every day about brain-dead celebrities for the purpose of wanting to silence people of ideas. And of course control INFORMATION. That is big social power.


Here, however, is all the war against people of ideas who demand change. And this war for sure comes from the ones who are controlling today SOCIAL POWER.


People in politics, for instance, want to see thousands of people arrested or millions in the streets for them to act somehow. And the same people of the mainstream media want to hear from thousands of people in order for them to change their evil and mean course of thinking that intends to control people’s minds.


Here, however, in this kind of oppression and in these times of mind-control like today, it is not the consumers who are getting hurt. For most of the consumers are the idealess common people, those who have lost any human feeling for the oppressed, the weak, the underrepresented classes and the minorities.


And these kind of unfeeling consumers, who make no questions of what is going on in their world or who is feeding their minds, they consume just like PIGS. They have no PANGS of CONSCIOUSNESS for anything. And they have lost their humanity.


So the ones who get hurt here are the creators, people who create ideas. People who speak truth and want to be heard to raise awareness for the pain and corruption of their time.

In short, the ones who get hurt are the ones who want to inspire the world with human ideas. The ones who want to put a brick on the wall of human goodness for the sake of human existence and existing.



As for the PIGISH CONSUMERS don’t worry. Nothing hurts them. For they have neither feelings not humanity. They are something in between animals and humans.



Now to come to the crux of this matter, How on earth does the BIG BROTHER or the U.K MEDIA Mind-Control People?



Let me tell you dear reader that the Big Brother or the U.K MEDIA by controlling INFORMATION and by speaking every single day of things that do not matter and idealess celebrities, they keep the attention of the people tight on them and their media studios.



And so the BIG BROTHER or the U.K MEDIA mind-controls people and leads them by the nose.



Here I ask all of you, HEY, “What do you think that you are going to think and speak during a normal day?



You are going to think and speak about what has happened around you and your world. In this case, the U.K Media, who makes a big noise around about Prince Harry, Royals, and brain-dead celebrities while they control information, feeds your consciousness and controls your minds.

So then, beware of the Big BROTHER or the U.K MEDIA.