Why Sajid Javid, a British politician of Pakistani origin, is a SHAME to his immigrant Pakistani Origin and to the reason why he became a politician in the UK

Twitter and the UK Media News have been buzzing recently with sad news! For the fact that a few immigrants have arrived on the British shores have made the UK media put pressure on the Home Secretary, Sajid Javid. So the latter has cut his holiday short and is returning to the UK to deal with the Immigrant issue!


This moment though, and every political issue that has to do with immigrants, is a decisive moment for Sajid Javid as a politician of foreign origin. For here he should show his character, respect his immigrant origin and turn his eyes and heart against the UK Imperialist thinking. And fight for people’s freedom not oppression and deportation.



Nevertheless, the contrary has happened. Sajid Javid has embarked on the boat of the UK imperialism like a pig. Appealing for stronger national borders and controls in the UK borders.

So showing his wolf-like teeth not human heart.


For so far with what He has done, he has shown no respect of his immigrant origin or the fact that he was chosen because of his colour of skin and his origin to represent the minorities in the UK.


Simon Jones, a proud reporter for the Monopolies of the BBC, also lately confirmed that Sajid Javid has spoken with the French interior minister to stop migrants coming to the UK! Instead of saying that borders must be open and the world free.


Simon Jones‏ Verified account @SimonJonesNews 15h15 hours ago The French Interior Minister @CCastaner has posted a picture of him having a phone conversation with the Home Secretary @sajidjavid. They have pledged to step up efforts to stop migrants crossing the Channel in small boats.”


So then, the truth is that Sajid Javid was picked from the mob of the business world to represent the minorities in the U.K. However, on purpose he was chosen from the world of Business not that of poetry or art. So he is not a thinker nor a writer but a banker.


Therefore, I can easily say that he is a man without an independent mind but eager to succeed in life by grovelling and being a yes man. Sajid Javid, now the Home secretary, is showing that he is but a British imperialist shaming his immigrant origin. And shaming the reason why he took a place into U.K politics in the first place. That was to stand up for minorities and against the injustice of the majority.