Why the Philanthropy of Bill Gates is like the Philanthropy of those who Fund Terrorism – Read

In the recent months, I’ve been going through very hard times. Always, saying less of what I went through. For I don’t prefer to express my deepest pain. As mean people can use it against you.

But nevertheless, never mind the Mean and the Wicked, let me reveal a part of this pain.

Plunged into depression and suicidal thoughts from the abuse of a Local government in London, that threatened me with eviction for months in the middle of the Pandemic. And then at last, they evicted me unlawfully in the street with all my belongings.

Thing which has left me with lasting signs of Psychological and emotional abuse. For I continually choke into my throat from a High feeling of anxiety. And feel higher amounts of depression. As a consequence of my struggle for existence. And the psychological and Emotional abuse by Hammersmith and Fulham Council.

Now as this local government refused to Give me my tenant rights. And abused my rights, the media Monopolies, like the BBC, also refused and still refuse to raise their voices against this high form of political corruption. And injustice. Thing which I have also recorded.

So, what has Bill Gates funded here then? Eh? Corrupted crocodiles who walk the London streets with luxurious salaries paid by the money of the rich to keep the torch of corruption alive?

So, I dare to speak from the depths of my heart.

Speaking from a car accommodation, where I have been sleeping recently, in London, I make a question: Why I as an independent artist can’t pay my rent?

How comes that my books don’t make even a sale?

How comes that I continually create for ten years and my ideas remain drowned out?

Let me tell you, doubters and followers of those who control and abuse our human rights. Let me tell you that the world is like a house, gentlemen.

And when the house leaks from the ceiling, then come the artists of the time with their ideas to fix it.

But as I and the artists of my generation in the last ten years raised our voices against the illnesses and the Abuses of the time, that happened in our house or world. There was the BBC and some other media Monopolies doing one thing only and perfectly. Assassinating our Voices politically by never allowing us to participate with our ideas in their headquarters.

Never ever inviting our opposing reason in their studios. Never ever giving us our rights to participate with ideas. And always standing there like a giant of Capital and Money power to Drown out our Voices and assassinate our ideas.

While Bill Gates kept pumping capital into the pockets of some mean, evil, terrorist-like artists or Journalists, who terrorised London and Europe. By creating hatred and controlling the means of information.

Hatred like the Hatred that Andrew Neil and Tony Hall created by linking the idea of the terrorist and terrorism to the idea of Muslim and Islam. And by using the name of the BBC, that Bill Gates funded with millions of pounds for years, to make this link possible.

Now you may ask, “Why is the philanthropy of Bill Gates like the philanthropy of those who fund Terrorism?

The purpose of terrorism has been clearly the purpose to murder innocent human beings. And spread fear in the general population through their violent actions.

The BBC, on the other hand, by controlling information and drowning out our voices created a purpose of Murder and assassination of these drowned out voices. And they instilled fear in the creative people who dreamed and dared to oppose them.

And the fear here is the fear that your voices and ideas will never be heard in front of as such giants, who have also been funded by the Philanthropy of Bill Gates. And other thick rich moguls around.

Now, the evil of the BBC is comparable here to the evil of a murderer who causes famine by taking your food from the table. Or a murderer who kills by Choking. Yet he has not killed by guns or bullets or bombs.

So even though the BBC has never used guns, bullets or bombs. What they have done to my generation of artists and people who wanted to be heard was terror and terrorism. That is a philosophy of causing fear. And abusing human rights.

At the end, murder is not caused by similar forms of death.

So, on December 2010, the Gates Foundation awarded $20 Million to BBC World Service Trust.

While in 2019-2020, the BBC says that it got £1,569K from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.

Therefore, based on the meanness and cruelty and corruption of the BBC, we see that the philanthropy of Bill Gates supporting the BBC, that tirelessly worked to Drown out and murder our today voices. And that refuses to stand for the pain of today. This Philanthropy of Bill Gates is similarly to the Philanthropy of those who fund Terrorism.