Why the Promotion of the ideas of Greta Thunberg show the Highest Form of Western Hypocrisy

Suppose that there is a Palestinian activist pleading and shouting with his soul for the freedom of his country.


Suppose that there is a Yemeni activist crying out loud with the pain of his soul. And demanding the British and the Americans and the Europeans to stop their imperialist thinking. And to stop murdering innocent people in his country.


Suppose or imagine if as such people and activists demanded that their pain and ideas are heard on the media. And they to have the same media promotion as Greta Thunberg? What would happen?



“Silence,” dear gentlemen would happen.

We have seen this happening for years. The BBC does not even attend the Palestinian protests in London and UK. The U.K Media barley reports any NEWS from the war in Yemen. A place that is being killed and destroyed daily by the interference of the Western Politics.


So Greta Thunberg here of course is a tool of those who think for their interests only.


For I would better stand for a Free Yemen and a Free Palestine and an end to EU-US Imperialism than for Climate Change.



Because if I stand for climate change without first standing for the murders and the terror that we cause on others around the world through our imperialist politics then that means clearly that I am standing because the part of my world will also be affected. And not at all because I want a better world. This conclusion here comes from a simple logic.


So I ask, “Is this Western media that shows such a generous and endless promotion of the Greta Thunberg’s ideas all of a sudden a TRUE WESTERN MEDIA or a highly manipulative Western media that is led by the rich and big money interests?

“The selfish Western media shows itself here”


If the threat of the climate change becomes real, then it is the new generations of Europe and western world in general that will suffer the consequences. Just like the rest of the world would do. That’s why the western media keeps Greta promoted.


“The Highly Manipulative Western Media shows itself below”

Why when wars and death and murder is committed by the western politics, there is no media coverage, no media condemnation, and no promotion of the ideas of the activists that demand a better world and a better planet? Why?


Here the answer is simple. Because our media is the media that murders too. A media that supports as such war policies. A media that supports the control of information and manipulation. A media of the rich and a media of hypocrites.


So by silencing and drowning those who demand to be heard the Western Media manipulates the people. And murders truth. This is the highly manipulative western media.


So then, to give such a media attention to Greta Thunberg and to not care of the wars and murder that happens from the ideas and western politics is a show of the highest form of hypocrisy.


A FORM of HYPOCRISY that shows our Western Selfishness. A selfishness that lives at the expense of others. That succeeds at the expense of others. And a selfishness that is a sickness and thinks only of the “Western part” not of the human and earth’s part.