Worshippers of Money, Worshippers of a New God, Worshippers of… or Beings that Have Blood in Their Hands.

idol_worshipWho is the god of now?

Who are the priests of now? Who are the idolaters, worshipers, devotees and believers of now?

Who are the killers, slayers and murderers of now, of our time and of our here?

Who are they, what are their names? What are their true colors, their words and their deeds?

Who killed god and everything that was humane and generous deep in our very human nature?

Who killed god?

We killed god, just to create another god, we ignored churches just to adore other churches, tabernacles and mosques, we killed god on behalf of other gods, and other gods on behalf of a mad god. Why did we kill god? We killed god just to find peace on another abstract and humiliating house, just to destroy all what is good, kind and loving, we killed god and all what had harmony and balance, all what had humanism and prosperity, we killed everything that was beautiful. Who killed god, who was he, she or it, what heavy hand and what enlightened mind did kill that god?

We killed god and with it that humane and generous being within our very human nature.

We then, we human beings of now are the killers of now, the killers of our time and the killers of our here.

Well then, we the people of now are the killers of all gods and god, we killed everything that had the purity and chastity of art and creativity, we killed the living, loving, caring human life, the most expensive, high-priced, non-negotiable being on earth. We killed that compassionate, philanthropic and benevolent budding life. We have killed humanism, we have killed goodness, and we have killed love, compassion, affection and everything that belongs to the anthropoid, anthropomorphic, earth-born, human and humanlike beings. We killed our lives, our nature and with it everything.

We killed everything that was part of our virtuous, unadulterated and truthful nature as beings on this planet. We killed everything that belonged to us, everything that belonged to our harmony and we are done with our nature, with our harmony and with our human existence on earth, once and forever.

Everything is dead and done with, everything is gone and forgotten, everything that had to do with humanism and human goodness is dead and gone and done with once and forever.

We are the killers of our time. We are the killers of now and we killed everything just for a reason to jump on the Money bandwagon and with it to mock, exploit and humiliate the weak and the poor and with it, to play with other human beings like players do with their ball, and with it, to show who is that powerful ape and monkey of Darwin’s philosophy of human species, how far can he go and how much can he destroy, and with it, with Money, to dominate not only other beings, but other nations, other continents like the powerful American establishment is doing, and with it, to dominate the earth and tell who is who, which tribe is able to dominate the earth by trickery, power and force, which clan is able and capable to kill, monopolize and devour more, but not at all love, not at all wisdom and not at all truthfulness in any of these establishments that we see dominating the weak and the poor classes on earth.

We, with abstract money and with an abstract god, killed human life and killed everything that was lovable, adorable and natural, everything that was, that was original, genuine and chaste like that absolute nature in itself.

Now, you hypocrites have a blast in drugs, hate and destruction and enjoy it, enjoy it all, you Worshippers of Money, you worshippers of an abstract nothingness, enjoy a destroyed planet, a vanished planet, a degenerated and downgraded planet, enjoy a dead god and all dead gods, and worship a new god and call it Money. Good. You hypocrites of our now, our time and our here.

Who ditched this planet then? Who ditched our lives then? Who ditched humanism then? Who ditched human love then? You ditched everything that was lovable? You ditched everything that was lovable, you ditched us all, you who put money over human beings, you who put money over life, you who put money over everything that was pleasing for all, lovable for all and respected by all. You then, are the killers of now not us, you the worshippers of Money, you worshippers of this new god, you worshipers of this abstract nothingness.

Now, put your daughters on the marketplace and make them prostitutes, call your daughters porn stars and watch them on your large TV screens, you hypocrites. Put your children in slavery and exploit them to death, and with this money and these coins go to the nearest pub and drink some bears, eat some bacon, sausages and eggs with some pickle on the top and at the end of the day do some drugs, you hypocrites. Put your family in danger and kill them with high rent, high living standards and an open mad house that awaits them, and all of this, call it Growth, you hypocrites. And sure, never forget to say it, to say Growth on big TV Screens and say it many times, yes many times my dear, and never forget to call it good and impose it on people’s minds through repetition on big TV screens, and call it as you call it, i.e., ‘Growth, you hypocrites.

We do it for ‘Growth’ everything for Growth, and in that pronunciation never forget about it, i.e., to use good rhetorical skills like that rich aristocrat man of Europe does, Mr. David, he loves growth doesn’t he? And he is good, very good at rhetorical skills, isn’t he?You hypocrites.

You killed our time, you killed our now, you killed our here, you killed our everything, you worshipers of the new god, you Worshippers of money, you worshippers of an abstract nothingness.

And all of you who value and respect human beings based in money and its power are the Worshippers of Money, the Worshippers of the New God, the worshippers of this abstract nothingness or beings that have blood in their hands.


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